One of those moments that just reenergises your efforts


I like to think that for some people there are moments when they just know they need to lose weight. Be it getting out of breath walking downhill, a shock weigh in at the doctors, splitting a shirt that fit a few months earlier or getting stuck on a roller coaster ride in Germany and having people make fun of you as they try to get you down.
Today was one of those days where if I hadn’t been trying to change I would have been encouraged to do so. Since I am still losing weight it just made me more determined.

I was on the way back from the nurse today having had my leg patched up for another few days and as it was windy (understatement x massive). As bandaging requires access to my entire lower leg I usuall wear a pair of jogging trousers with the legs slit on the inside as far as halfway up the leg. Today as I was walking back the wind caught them, blew the loose sections up and away, exposing my legs… just as I was walking towards a highly reflective window.

Now I look in the mirror from time to time and notice I have a long way to go, but for some rason that made me more determined than ever to lose weight. Maybe it’s because normally I just see my face or upper body.


Glad to hear you’re back in the zone, mate. For me, it all started at 29 years old being taken into hospital in the back of an ambulance due to palpitations.

I was released a few hours later and after a visit to the doctors confirming my blood pressure was high and I was pre-diabetic, I knew I had to change. I didn’t want to be another obesity statistic and I didn’t want to go through the embarrassment of being in the back of an ambulance at this age again.

I gave up drink, started eating healthily and reversed the blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Once that was done, I went back to my old ways and it wasn’t until I joined MvF in Leyton that things really clicked.

I’m lighter and fitter than I’ve been in years, I’m happier and I’m enjoying life so much more. I always think back to that night in A&E, feeling like an embarrassment, a failure… I don’t want to go back there again for a long time.

Great post, mate, very cathartic writing that up again.


Ah am so sorry 2 hear u felt like that cos i bet ur not 1 bit an embarrassment or failure but i kno how ppls minds can tell themself stuff like that. Am glad ur happier now n can actually belive in the successful person am sure u was all along


Get what u mean pal. I had a similar thing when i was in a busy pub n i went 2 take my jumper off n it accidently pulled abit t shirt up with it n showed off a glimpse of horrible fat belly. Am sure hardly no1 noticed n if they did it wasnt a big deal but i felt so embarrassed!!
I think thats part of it yea, like if u dont like ur body/self u always feel this self concious awkward thing, its like its always there in the back of ur mind stoppin u feelin properly comfortable
I hope soon u wont feel that way an can feel more confident n even proud :slight_smile:


For me i dont think there was 1 exactly big moment, just like u say a load of little things just makin me feel sh!t about myself n weight was part of it.
Mebbes in a funny way it wasnt that i hit rock bottom, it was actually possibly cos stuff got better. Wont bore u with the whole story but id been havin a rough time in a number of ways. Id always struggled with my weight but i honestly not rly didnt care cos i didnt care bout much. I dunno. I WAS embarrassed n even ashamed about it but i was embarrassed n ashamed about just about everything. Ppl had said it was bad 4 my health but i didnt rly care about my self or my life. I didnt think ppl wud care if i died. Soz if thats abit dark just how i felt

But then it got 2 a point when my life got abit better n some v nice ppl actually was v kind 2 me n gave me some special opportunity n i felt that bit better about myself. So i thought best start helpin myself abit more eh


Not to be corny but this site reenergised my efforts. The accountability and just putting it out there with like minded fatties. Last summer I seemed to yo-yo then I just said fcuk it. Challenge myself. Before you know it we were setting ourselves 30lb goals by Xmas. I had a holiday coming up that I didn’t want to be embarrassed at Disneyland getting on the fat seats on rollercoasters. Thankfully it all played out and I had both more room on a rollercoaster and the plane seats which were always a struggle. And we are still going thankfully.
Now my biggest motivator is the mirror. I like what I see and my daughter now no longer says big belly just simply getting smaller belly.
I have my targets in my head and my reward when I get there. Something I didn’t think I could think of maybe 7 months ago.