Online PT

Has anyone ever tried an online personal trainer? If so would you recommend?


@maxnas is your man

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I do this myself mate, but I will say from your perspective to be very careful.

It’s become a bit of a fad recently & PT’s think it’s a quick & easy way to make money

The model has turned into a ‘get lots of clients & work as little as possible’ which means the in depth personal care is missing,

Plus, if someone is new to exercise, online PT is probably NOT the way to start off, you’re probably better off seeing somebody in person to learn form & technique & avoid injury

Myself I’m a PT & Sport/exercise Nutritionist & it’s mostly the nutrition that people need help with (PT’s only aren’t qualified in this area & know very little about it, plus the fact that the 23 hours outside of the gym is the important part, not the 1 hour in the gym)

Hope that helps mate

Thanks for your reply. It’s the nutrition and a training programme which is suited for me which I am looking for. I’ve tried a few programmes online but none have worked for me.

Hit @maxnas up then. Honestly he’s a genius and takes your wellbeing so seriously. He commits as much as you do, buys in to your vision and will give you all the tools you need. Lost 4 stone after stalling having already lost 4 stone because of him