Our Path

Anyone tried Our Path. It has been created with the NHS and for the first three months you get help to get you started. You can also?pay extra and get scales and a watch.

Not heard of it before.

This is the link to the program

Seen it on Facebook adverts a few times.

Personally feel it’s expensive for what it is,
easy enough to make your own plan.

It’s what I did at first, made my own plan.

NHS have a 12 week plan also which is free but easy to create your own

My wife is going to do it. Our friend is the North London lead on Diabetes for the NHS. They have referred several patients to them. The initial cost is s expensive but that covers all the things like a nutritionist, group leader etc. Once you get over the first 3 months it goes down to £10. Same as the big weight loss companies. There are many things we already get here, such as support and info. I won’t be doing it but will support her and eat the same st home.

Things you shouldn’t really need. If your food was made yourself from raw ingredients that grew, walked or swam you wouldn’t need a nutritionist. And don’t get me started on ‘group leader’…

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Well my wife has lost nearly a stone and a half. It was just what she needed.

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And yourself?

Eating better and supporting her. I have let weight loss slip recently