Overeaters Anonymous - BBC article


I read this article this morning and I wanted to post it in case anyone finds it useful.

’It was like I had to control a monster inside me that wanted to eat everything’

Just what happens at a support group for compulsive eaters?


This article is great, most of the youngsters are addicted to fast food and sweets like chocolates, donuts etc, all this junk food is not good for our body, slowly it causes high level of cholestrol, blockage of artries and weight gain.


I think its a good article. Ppl say binge and compulsive eating all casual but ppl dont realise how it can b 4 some ppl. I understand the woman who said she thought she hav 2b in prison 2 recover sumtimes iv thought stufd like that
I mite try it one of these days, iv thouhht about it