Packaged sandwich nutrition


This morning I had a Beechwood Smoked Bacon on Sourdough Bun at Costa. The nutritional information on the package claimed it was 389 calories. I have to wonder how?

1 rasher of bacon = approx 65 calories
1 Sourdough Roll = approx 220 calories

There’s nothing else in the roll, and the piece of bacon is not huge.

So how do they get it at 389 calories?


Maybe they include the calorie content of the packaging too. If I recall, the sandwiches from Costa are not particularly filling…


Butter/marg and whatever they fry the bacon in.


Full nutritional breakdown from their website (hilighted line) … plenty of fats to add those calories…


65 calories is a rather low estimate for their fatty bacon rashers anyway.

Bacon medallions alone range from 40 (co-op) to around 70 (Asda) so unless they cut all the fatty bits off…

Shop bought sandwiches, another I stopped when I started this weightloss malarkey.


My issue with the bacon wasn’t that it was fatty. It wasn’t. It was very lean.

What there was of it. I’m not convinced there was even an entire rasher there.


Not being too contentious here, i hope, not meant to appear that way…but isn’t that type of foodstuff pretty ##ap anyway if we’re planning ahead and hopefully making good food choices?


If that was all I ate, it would indeed be a crap choice. However, in the broader scheme, my Saturday and Sunday routines both allow for a cafe breakfast involving bacon and/or eggs. In both cases, the breakfast follows either a 5k run, or a 1k swim.

What we’re trying to do is to cultivate a healthier relationship with food, so that we can enjoy something like that without going completely off the rails.

It’s monday today, so I’m back on porridge for breakfast until Friday.


In a nutshell!


Yeah but it will never explain why they cut across the tomatoes instead of around the core. I hate the core.


The core keeps the shape and the pulp in better I think.


Nope 2 slices either side, turn, chop either side, throw away core. Apart from cherry tomatoes, that’s different.


I think you’re on your own there!


I can trump that, my dad eats nectarines and tangerines with the peel on! (apparently) it’s the healthiest part.


Nectarines and peaches I understand, but the peel on citrus fruits? That’s mad.


Nectarines I can almost get. Tangerines? WTF?


tell me about it… all kinds of wrongness


I think @Alex_PN is taking the pith.