Paralyzed and overweight

Hi, all. I’m a noob here. I’m interested to see if the site can help me with a so-far intractable problem of being overweight.

I weigh about 190 (it’s difficult to weigh myself) and I’m about 5" 7". I’m 70 years old. I’m paralyzed from the sternum down and I’m in pretty much constant pain. Unfortunately there are only two things that help the pain: heavy doses of opioids and eating.

Since I’m in a wheelchair I can’t play football. There is a wheelchair basketball league in the neighborhood, but I’m way too fat and old to join them. The only exercise I get is pushing myself along the road or on a boardwalk.

Before I got sick I was very active in marathons and climbing. I swam the English Channel. Now, maybe, I could float across the Channel with a boat pulling me. I don’t think I’d feel the cold with all my fatty insulation.

I’ve tried dieting, but I end up adding weight instead of losing it. I’d be grateful for any ideas. Thanks

Hello and welcome. I am really sorry to hear about situation. All I can suggest is the diet way. Don’t go a diet, but regulate your intake. You need to look at what calorie amount you need to consume in order to lose weight and try your best to follow it.

I am no expert and I have no medical knowledge or anything so that is about all I can offer. Stay here and keep in touch though mate, you are at the right site for help.

Sorry to hear about all the barriers thrown at you, and secondly well done on battling on all that, your here and wanting to make changes, thats a difficult and tricky first step to make but inportant.

You talk about been a swimmer, is getting back in the water something you would want to do? I’ve work with children who can have disabilities and by working with their doctors we have managed to get them into pools for hydro therapies and other simmilar activities - maybe something you could look at? It might be bennificial for relieving some of the pain for short periods too. Alernativly booking a private swimming lesson could be a way forward… Hope you can get something sorted!

Great advice from you all and thanks. I think it would be especially helpful if I could just watch my caloric input rather than thinking I’m on a diet.

Swimming is also a great idea since pushing the wheelchair is starting to affect my tendons. I just have to overcome my reluctance to changing in a family room not set up for me and swimming in the same pool with very fit men and women.

Thanks again

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Hi there, I think there are swimming pools at hospitals that are used for rehabilitation that might be available for use if you give them a call.

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