Parkrun 2019


Hey all,

I wanted to set this post up for everyone that participates in parkrun and for those who don’t but may be a goal to aim towards.

Parkrun is a free 5k event held every Saturday morning in the UK and Ireland at 9am. I am aware there are some around the world but not sure exactly.

You sign up, get your barcode and take yourself along.

It’s a friendly experience and there are people there from club athletes to people who want to lose weight and others for just the social aspect.

It is a timed run, so you can track your progress, if you want to.

There are a few people on here that do it but wanted to start a separate post to get everyone going.

the website is and on there you can find your local one. To give you context of how many are out there are, I live in the welsh valleys and there are 3 in a 10-mile radius.

get signed up and get out there, I promise you will love it.

Anyone that signs up can use this post, keep the thread going and post your times or how you felt your run went.

Thank you all

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Good thinking Alan and I completely agree. I’m not one for having regrets in life, but the one thing I wish is that I’d discovered parkrun sooner. It doesn’t matter whether you take 20 minutes of 60 minutes, everyone is extremely supportive and it gets quite addictive to have your Saturday morning ‘fix’ each week!


No hyperbole here, but I can’t underestimate the impact that Parkrun has had on my life.

MVF got my weight down to when I was 20.

Parkrun got me fitter than when I was 20.

Same as @JIL, I wish I’d discovered it earlier, and I can’t imagine life without it.


I posted this yesterday in the older parkrun thread, so have copied and pasted it here:

"Started 2019 with a bang by doing the New Year’s Day double at Woodhouse Moor and Armley parkruns.

Got a new PB of 46:56 at Woodhouse Moor and then a more leisurely time of 53:34 at Armley alongside someone nursing an achilles injury. Would have been happy enough to get 10k through the legs for the first time, but the PB was a bonus."

Parkrun was a life-changer for me in 2018, as I highlighted in my first post when I signed up to MvF (Couch to 5k Challenge). The parkrun community is a fantastic source of support and encouragement, and my weekends feel empty without being involved in one, whether as a runner or a volunteer.

Assuming no issues with injuries, I’ll be a regular parkrun participant this year, so will set myself a few goals to track for the purposes of this thread:
Participation: At least ‘Bronze Level Obsessive’ - 30 parkruns in a year (NB: 40+ is silver, 50+ is gold).
PB: Something in the 30’s by the end of 2019 (currently 46:56 as of 1/1/19). Would love to think sub-35 is achievable by then, but will be happy enough breaking 40 minutes.
Volunteering: At least 50 volunteer credits in 2019 (most of these will come from junior parkruns).
Milestones: Qualify for a 50 run shirt (currently on 16 after 1/1/19 double).
Tourism: Participate in at least 5 different parkruns during 2019 (have already reached 2).
Non-parkrun Running: Complete at least 3 x 10k events during 2019 (NB: Have registered for 2 already, in March and May). Improve time by 10 minutes from first time recorded by end of year. (Bonus goal: Complete a 10k without walking during 2019)

Looking forward to seeing how I do against the above.


Brilliant stuff, good luck with it.

I’m currently on 44 at 14 different parkruns, so will hit my first milestone in February. I’m a newbie at them though compared to some, I have a friend who’s on 174 and I saw a guy on Twitter the other day who was doing his 700th! ON the other hand i know of plenty who’ve done their first one over the festive period. It’s a great thing and destined to become even bigger I feel.


Signed up months ago, still not done one.

I run & walk 2.7km in around 17mins so think I would do a reasonable time on the first attempt (running is not my thing) yet still don’t feel confident to go that further distance yet…


Once I find out how my heart is, I’ll be checking parkrun out. A friend has been on to me to get involved.


Brilliant stuff all.
Been a life changer for some which speaks for itself.
Try and keep this thread going all year when you’ve run post your time


I haven’t done one for a couple of years but I’m hoping to be back at some stage this year.

There is one on my long dog walking route and I always go and watch when I can and it always looks like great fun.

I’ll keep you posted when I eventually get around to running one again.


There’s no requirement to run, despite the name. Walking is perfectly acceptable and every run has a tailwalker who crosses the line behind everyone else.

Best wishes on the cardio news.


Thank you! I’ll give it a whirl soon.


Slower one today - 50:27 at Woodhouse Moor.

Had some back pain on the 2nd lap of 3 and walked most of that lap. Recovered enough to be able to run most of the final lap, so was pleased enough with that.

I think I was feeling the effect of this being my 3rd parkrun since Tuesday, which may explain some of the fatigue.


Getting closer to one, dog walk that turned into run after the first 10 minutes walking… probably only ran just over half of the last 20 mins tbh. Dog was a good placemaker lol

But the distance is growing.


My official time at Woodhouse Moor today was 48:40, but I timed it myself a little slower than this at 48:53.

Attempted 90s run / 30s walk intervals today but wasn’t consistent enough completing them. Will adjust to 60s/30s next week and see how that goes.

A record attendance of 720 at Woodhouse Moor today. I was number 710 to cross the line.


That’s an incredible amount of runners.
Well done mate.
Something to continually work on


I have signed up to this today as something to supplement my other exercise.
Will be going to the Mulbarton run (near Norwich). Will probably aim to start of very slowly (maybe 30s run/90s walk) or something, but I really have no idea where my fitness levels are at right now!


Love the parkruns, gives you a lot of motivation due to the other people who are there, always good attendances and varied abilities. Have done a few , my PB is at 30:12 but want to beat it this year


Had my first go at the Park Run near me on Saturday (Hanley, Stoke). Cracking experience. Surprised at first how many were there but as others have said, it’s super varied from the expert runners to parents with pushchairs so you don’t feel out of place.

Had to give myself three thirty second walking breaks after starting a little too keenly, but on the last one I felt a friendly pat on the back from another runner. Small gesture but gave me the motivation to put that extra work in towards the finish. Such a positive welcoming atmosphere, can’t recommend it enough to other MvFer’s.

I’ve only recently managed to hit 5k on the treadmill at the gym and was expecting to come in slower than what I do there, but managed to beat my best time and come in at 31.49. Excited to go back this week.


Someone posted this video on Facebook of the start of Saturday’s parkrun at Woodhouse Moor (it was being filmed by Sky for a feature on one of the regulars, but this is someone else’s footage, as far as I’m aware).

It reinforces your point about the variety of participants, when you see the various ages, shapes and sizes streaming through, plus dog-walkers, buggy runners, a bloke on crutches (who does it sub-40 minutes) and someone juggling his way around.

I’m on it towards the end (shaved head, red top, man boobs), as are my wife and 6yo daughter at the back, who walked the course with the tail walker.

I think it does a really good job of conveying the spirit of parkrun, to those who’ve not been to one and are perhaps a bit sceptical about whether it’s for them. Bear in mind, this is a field of 721 runners from one of the oldest parkrun venues so the typical fields at other venues are generally about half this size, at a guess.


Thanks for sharing this, it certainly has helped ease my mind somewhat about what I’m letting myself in for, doing my first one this coming Saturday. I imagine the venue I’m going to will be rather smaller, but hopefully similarly good spirited and variety of people!