Parkrun 2019


True, feel a bit happier in making a trip to my local one soon. Have got up to 4km in 28 mins now. Considering that’s a walk and jog with the dog bodes fairly well for having a crack…


ParkRun launched in my hometown this weekend so I included it in my long run, really good to see so many people of all abilities turn out and I’ve noticed this week there seems to be a few C25k groups starting up with their goal being to complete the ParkRun. Just shows what a difference it being on your doorstep can make.

As I side note it reminded me I should make more of an effort to get back into volunteering at them especially now there’s no travel involved.

It’s not a fast course with it being all off road but I’ve got to be honest the backdrop takes a bit of beating!


last year 2 running groups were setup so if you do the parkrun and not in a running club you could affiliate to manvfat running or manvfat football.

2 new Running Clubs have been set up on the park runs website, prompted by this event.
MAN v FAT Football
MAN v FAT Runners
theses were set up last year and lets you view consolidated club results form the different park runs
hope this is of use


I have GOT to do this next time I’m up


Faster time of 47:03 this morning, only 7s outside my PB, along with a volunteer credit for doing the 1st timers’ briefing.

I ran a series of short walk/run intervals, with walk breaks no longer than 30s and run intervals from 30s to 90s. It was much more effective than I expected and is something I’ll develop going forward. I was on jelly legs at the end but it definitely seems to be the way to challenge my PB in the short-term.


24.46 at Merthyr Parkrun today.
Happy with that.
Still a minute off my PB


I was part of it but could never find the list for all the runners, only ever my own


Sorry I’ve lost the bookmarks I think you somehow look up consolidated results and it should pull in the club results for the various parkruns, if I’m lucky I might have it saved as a book mark at work just found this it might help


Second go at the Hanley Park yesterday and somehow managed to match my time from last week to the second, 31.49. Paced myself much better this week and was able to run the whole thing without the walking breaks, though I think our league games being snowed off Friday helped with that.

I managed to find the consolidated results for the Man v Fat Football club the other day but took a good fifteen minutes of searching through the website, can’t remember how I did it now typically.


Wish I still had them bookmarked


Sussed how I found it. This is for the Man v Fat Football club.

Think that link should work. Failing that find yourself on the results page of the Park Run you completed and your club will be listed at the end, click on that and it will take you to a page with results for that club at that particular park run. Then at the top you should see a link to view the consolidated club report.


Bookmarked , thanks😊


Felt sure i was working harder and running stronger in my walk/run intervals today, so was hopeful of a PB when I crossed the line.

Briefly gutted to realise my time of 47:44 was outside my PB and 38s slower than last week, but quickly got over it and congratulated myself for another one completed.

My wife and two daughters walked with the tail walker and they came in in just over 57 minutes, which was a 6 minute improvement on my 6yo daughter’s PB and the first time she’s been under 1hr. Loved having the whole family out there today.


Well done mate that’s amazing.
Those PBs will tumble once you continue to improve and the walk element reduces


Managed to knock 40 seconds off my PB this week coming in at 30.09, which I was very chuffed with. Think knowing I had a bad weekend coming up gave me a bit of an extra incentive to really dig in.

Hasn’t ultimately helped recover the bad weekend though, hit my 10% for the season on Friday but have undone some of that good work according to the scales this morning! I’ve managed to lose every week this season but the Park Run has really helped to increase the numbers since I started running it post Christmas, and it’s really bloody fun!


Excellent stuff keep it going


Apparently Parkrun is coming to Battersea Park in SW London. Watch the skies for more news


Just discovered that I’m featured in one of parkrun’s official FB posts today. Slightly bemused to see its a picture of me actually running in a post on walking, but the message in this post is probably very relevant to a number of people on here thinking about doing a parkrun and having the very common fears about being ‘too slow’ or ‘not welcome’.


Fair play mate.
I’ve sent the post to my boss in work to send around.
Big stigma around not being able to run it.


50:04 today in snowy conditions which meant staying upright was prioritised over chasing a faster time. Only slipped once on a bit of black ice and didn’t fall.

There was a photographer there today, and I popped up in a few shots, including the one attached.

21 parkruns completed now. Working steadily towards that 50 shirt.