Parkrun 2019


Ours was cancelled due to snow and ice so done a 5k on the treadmill.
I know it doesn’t count but getting the distance in the legs helps.
Ran it in 26.16


I haven’t run for donkeys years as consultant said not to after two prolapsed discs…what the hell… it’s a different physical activity…next Saturday then, it’s a date if anyone challenges me to do it!:grinning::grinning:


That’s fabulous, well done.

A few round here were cancelled this week, so I traveled a bit to find one that was open. This was parkrun #49 next week, so next Saturday will be my first milestone!


Great post that. It’s the common response I’ve heard from those I’ve recommended it to. The beauty of the Park Runs is how diverse the field of runners/joggers/walkers are and how welcoming everyone is. I held off going until a felt confident I could run/jog the majority of the distance but now regret that I left it so long to start.

Had a bit of pain in my knee this week and adding in the ice in places I was expecting to come in around my original time. Somehow though took another three seconds off my PB coming in at 31.06, which I was overly chuffed with.


Strong winds and rain at Woodhouse Moor today, which reduced the field to 360 runners today, of which I came in 359th, alongside the tailwalker. The time of 53:16 was my slowest since my first parkrun attempt in June last year.

The cause of the deterioration was Man v Fat Football! My recovery from running training is pretty good these days, and normally allows me to recover from a run within a day. Following last Saturday’s parkrun I did a 4 mile interval run on Sunday (my longest yet) and another 5k training run on Tuesday. My legs were fine by the following morning after each one.

Wednesday was the first week of fixtures in the Leeds league and the different demands required by 28 minutes of 6 a side football has wrecked my legs. I thought I’d be able to run off the stiffness, but within the first half mile I realised I was wrong. From there it was just a case of walking around the course and getting a finish credit, after banishing the original thought of dropping out.

The tailwalker caught me up by the end of the first mile, and his walking pace was much faster than my usual one, so I basically did a bit of a power walk for the rest of the course.

Hopefully, my ability to recover from football will improve over the next few weeks.


Well done mate.
Doesn’t matter how slow you went, you got out there so fair play. You could even look it as a win as I know for me in the past I would have not bothered because of the stiffness.


Done my parkrun today and my calf held up great which was amazing.

My time was 25.10
I have no idea how to pace myself


48:27 today, which I’m happy enough with given that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run after injuring my quad muscle during ManvFat football on Wednesday.

Still 100% attendance so far in 2019 and got a volunteer credit too by doing the welcome briefing. So far, so good in terms of the 2019 goals I set myself.


25.33 for me today.
Started too quick again