Parkrun 2019


great results mate…keep it going, you will be under that 29 minutes soon then 28 and so on


do you know there are 2 Manvfat running clubs you can join , unless you are already a member of one, just go to parkrun details and add a club, there is manvfat running and manvfat football. I think they were set up last year. Its so that when you show consolidated times it should display the times from the various parkruns manvfat runners are in.


I was in it and it never worked for me.


I can’t remembetr how it worked I have it bookmarked at work , whoever set the club’s up last year put the link in the thread


That should work




Disappointing time of 49:11 this morning, well outside my PB of 45:58, despite feeling like I worked just as hard to achieve it. At least it’s another one in the books, so now have 28 of the 50 needed for my first milestone shirt.

Also, well done to my MVFIA group buddy, @ANT, on making his parkrun debut today on his local run Down Under. Hope it’s the first of many.



I was tailwalking. My actual moving time was 57:45 as I had about 5 minutes cleaning up a little girl who was sick, and a few more minutes playing with my friends new husky puppy who was making his debut.

A good morning.


Good stuff Doc I was hoping to do the ark run today sadly events conspired against me , but I’m there next week


Just been catching up on this post - I signed up at Luton MvF 18 months ago and was introduced to ParkRun by the then coach and around 15 of us now regularly take part every Saturday morning. The camaraderie is amazing and it has hugely helped the weight loss.
I am now 8 stone down from when I first joined MvF and am even running the London Marathon at the end of month so if you haven’t already - do get involved!!!