Parkrun 2019

great results mate…keep it going, you will be under that 29 minutes soon then 28 and so on

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do you know there are 2 Manvfat running clubs you can join , unless you are already a member of one, just go to parkrun details and add a club, there is manvfat running and manvfat football. I think they were set up last year. Its so that when you show consolidated times it should display the times from the various parkruns manvfat runners are in.

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I was in it and it never worked for me.

I can’t remembetr how it worked I have it bookmarked at work , whoever set the club’s up last year put the link in the thread

That should work


Disappointing time of 49:11 this morning, well outside my PB of 45:58, despite feeling like I worked just as hard to achieve it. At least it’s another one in the books, so now have 28 of the 50 needed for my first milestone shirt.

Also, well done to my MVFIA group buddy, @ANT, on making his parkrun debut today on his local run Down Under. Hope it’s the first of many.



I was tailwalking. My actual moving time was 57:45 as I had about 5 minutes cleaning up a little girl who was sick, and a few more minutes playing with my friends new husky puppy who was making his debut.

A good morning.

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Good stuff Doc I was hoping to do the ark run today sadly events conspired against me , but I’m there next week

Just been catching up on this post - I signed up at Luton MvF 18 months ago and was introduced to ParkRun by the then coach and around 15 of us now regularly take part every Saturday morning. The camaraderie is amazing and it has hugely helped the weight loss.
I am now 8 stone down from when I first joined MvF and am even running the London Marathon at the end of month so if you haven’t already - do get involved!!!


Been a bit quiet on this thread recently, but I know a few of us have been doing parkruns in the meantime.

I got a time of 47:03 at Woodhouse Moor on Saturday, which is just over a minute off my PB, but not too bad by my standards. It was my 30th parkrun in total since starting them last June, so I’m still on track to get my 50 shirt later this year.


Love ParkRun, only discovered it a few months ago but now make it a weekly addition to my fitness regime.

Time wise ive just managed to break the sub30 mark with my PB being 29:05.

I’m thinking of doing some routes across the country, so if anybody else is up for that (maybe a group MVF run), or if anybody fancies meeting up and running with me at a venue local to you, would be up for meeting up and having a chat about our MVF journeys :slight_smile:

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One good way to do tourism challenges is to download the parkrun Chrome extension, which will add all sorts of additional stats to your parkrun profile page, including various challenges like Stopwatch Bingo (get every second from 00 to 59 on your finish times) and Alphabeteer (a parkrun name starting with every letter).

My 3 courses to date have all been in Leeds, which has more than its fair share of courses, but I’m expecting to venture further afield when the opportunity arises. My ultimate goal is to do the Denmark - Sweden New Years Day double, which was available this year for the first time. A parkrun in Copenhagen followed by a quick journey over the famous bridge in time for a 2nd parkrun in Malmo. Slightly more exotic than this year’s double of Woodhouse Moor and Armley in Leeds!

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What locations offer double?

all local ones to me are all 9am starts which is a shame, would love to do two in one day.

thanks :slight_smile:

New Years Day is the only day where two runs can be counted in a single day. The local routes will stagger their start times that day, usually between 9am and 10:30am. The ‘double’ is one of the challenges in the Chrome extension.

perfect. Will check this out! Thanks :slight_smile:

Another sub-26 minute yesterday at Newcastle. Always good to do my hyemtoon run. Stiff legs this morning. My knee needs a full three days to recover at the moment, so I’m not running again until Thursday at the earliest.

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I’ve been having similar issues with extended recovery time for my knees. It turned out that I needed to replace my running shoes and, based on the first run in the new pair on Sunday, appears to have been the cause of the problem.

Might be worth checking yours out and eliminating them as a cause. I wore out my old pair within 150 logged miles of running in them, so well short of the 300-500 mile guideline that’s suggested (but logical when you consider the punishment I give them with my weight).

Ironically, I abandoned my parkrun on Saturday within the first kilometre as I felt a jarring in my knee and didn’t want to re-aggravate the issues from the previous week. The new running shoes arrived on Saturday afternoon, so too late to wear for parkrun. I did a test run in them on Sunday on the 2k junior parkrun course and the difference was like night and day between the two experiences.


I’ve just reached the end of the couch to 5k, but although I’m running for 30 mins I’m still about 1k short. I’m aiming to do my first park run soon though and hopefully that will inspire me to keep going to get faster and fitter!!

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I was in a similar position to you Col a couple of weeks back. I just went for the park run with low expectations. Managed it in 35 mins, quite chuffed. Hoping to reduce that time a bit now.

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