Parkrun 2019

Definitely give it a go. Don’t worry about running the full distance, if you have to stop after 4 and walk the last 1, there will be plenty of people in the same boat. On my first one I think I had to stop and walk parts of the route at least four times. But from there you’ll likely see a week on week improvement.

The beauty of the parkrun is how welcoming and varied the field of runners are. And being in an environment surrounded by others running and being cheered from the sidelines can really help to boost you to push that little more! Can’t recommend it enough.

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thanks - I’ll try and get down there asap. My son plays football on Saturday morning, but I’ll see if I can at least get to my first Parkrun soon!

I’ve tried to go lots of times before, but I’ve never quite got up to 5k in advance…or injury has knackered me up and I’ve just not been able to go!

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Just found this on strava.
When you do the same routes it tracks it and gives a trend. Really useful

Certainly don’t worry about walking, plenty of people walk all of it or part.

I had a walk break yesterday and a couple of other stops - why not? The idea is to enjoy it. It was hot, I was tired, the dog was roasting and wanted to lie down in the shade, so I just took it steady. I plodded round in 35 minutes. There were still 80-90 people behind me, some a lap behind (it was a three lap course)


Double trouble at Woodhouse Moor parkrun today, as I met up with @ANT, who’d made the effort to come and join me at my snails pace. Quite an impressive effort, given that he’s from Melbourne!

Great to meet a fellow forum member. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Thats class boys, well done.

1st parkrun for a while and quickest since Feb

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Delighted to be back under 27 minutes this week. The new gym routine is definitely building strength around the dodgy knee. Surgery will be necessary but doc doesn’t see any need to rush right now. If I can hold off until about March, then I can get up to full strength, and maximise chances of the best outcome.