Pending Newport league


How do fellow MvF’ers,

I’ve just joined Newport and am curious as to how many of the 30 required are signed up so far? Would be good to get cracking as soon as possible. Not getting any thinner you know.


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Hi @ginger_lad - Newport is on 21 players currently.

It will need to get at least 30 registered players before the league is activated.

To boost your league’s numbers, I recommend reading this forum post - How can I help bring MAN v FAT Football to my area?

Also, here’s some flyers and posters you can use in your local area!


Many thanks. I’ll see what I can drum up


Why not register and play a season in the Cardiff league buddy while waiting for Newport to get off the ground?


Welcome to join us in Cardiff for the upcoming season mate :slight_smile:


I did have a think about that. Could well be tempted. Cheers chaps, sounds like a plan


We have lads who travel from newport, swansea, merthyr etc


Happy to travel. How much of the season is remaining? Is it a continuous rolling thing?


I just joined the Cardiff league, it’s now a waiting list.


Tip a few over from the waiting list in Cardiff and we can kick off Newport


I did think about that, but I’m from aberdare & work in treforest! So Newport is abit to far for me


Hi mate, I’ve just shot you an email this morning

Fingers crossed we’ll now be expanding to an 8 team league & will scrap the waiting list for a 6 team league


Just had it, thanks


Have you got a WhatsApp group for the Newport League?
Before Nottingham League started the lads started meeting informally for a 6 a side game. Even though we’re now on Season 5 and have an 8 team league we still have two 10(ish) a side games a week in addition to the league.


Hi MvF help,

How are the Newport numbers looking now? Any closer to 30?



Hi @ginger_lad, once the league has been green lit, all registered players in that league will be emailed by the league manager to tell them what happens next. As well as this, the league page will be updated with the venue, night and coach information -

Currently, this league is still classed as a planned league.

Have you considered the Cardiff League instead?