Personal Trainers?


No mate it’s Delta one fitness on the industrial estate.

I would do caveman if I had a work out partner


clear indication of a scammer fronting as a trainer/coach…

with the way the current social media world is affecting marketing, we should start to see a trend when these fake guru scammers start to disappear soon

especially now that the marketplace is getting savvy to their tricks and are very pissed off.

truth doesn’t sell well, but bullshit & dreams do… hopefully that’s all coming to an end and we’ll be heading into a new era where VALUE is essential, and scammers get what they deserve


Yes to accountability. However, I did a lot of research and had one on one “interview” training sessions. The PT I chose actually looked at my body, balance and designed exercises specifically for me. For example due to my hip replacement surgery my right gluts and thigh are weaker. So, we are doing single leg exercises to prevent left side of my body helping the right side. This is something other PTs did not catch on.




Could I ask a favour? Could I have your email address and I’ll send you the form across that he sent to me expalining everything and you give me your unbiased opinion ?

Thank you


Could I ask a favour? Could I have your email address and I’ll send you the form across that he sent to me expalining everything and you give me your unbiased opinion ?

Thank you


Of course, no problem at all… I’ll send you an inbox now mate :blush:


I will extol the benefits of PT’s all day long, at least good ones! It made all the difference to me in my journey. Yes you can find volumes of information for free in books and on the Web, but none of it is tailored to you, your goals or your needs. A good PT will work himself out of a job, by setting goals with you, teaching you good principles of exercise and clean eating. To the point where once you’ve adopted a better lifestyle and have achieved your goals, you won’t need him anymore. Most of us lack that knowledge, that’s why we got into the mess we’re in.

Then there is the whole aspect of accountability. Mileage might vary depending on your personality type, but for me there was 1) I knew I was paying my hard-earned money and there was no way I was going to waste it - meaning I was going to follow what the personal trainer said to a T, and 2) I knew I was going to meet with him at a specific time each week, so I didn’t want to embarrass myself by not putting in the effort. This method worked extremely well for me. I actually got to the point where I was excited for my visit each week, to take measurements, to evaluate progress, to celebrate success, to ask lots of questions, to learn more - it was an adventure, and I had my own mentor. It didn’t work so well for my wife, who found the rigidity and structure a bit too overwhelming to take on all at once. I was primed and ready, with various health conditions staring me in the face. And it wasn’t so rigid - but if you’re not ready and committed, you probably shouldn’t employ a trainer yet. You need to bring your own motivation and commitment to the table or nothing will work.

But you say - I’m not rich, PT’s are only for rich people. If you are significantly overweight and have tried multiple times unsuccessfully to lose it on your own, then I say give it 3 months. The fees you will pay are dwarfed by all of the lifestyle costs and limitations of being overweight for years of your life.

I did a blog article on this here. Good luck!


Cheers mate, all sent.


cool, will take a look tomorrow mate… I’m on the grind & in the zone atm lol


Hey Dan,

so I’m sat at my PC trying to take certain parts & point them out, and I honestly don’t know where to start.

I really don’t want to go down the route of negativity and bash anyone else, who may actually be a very good trainer in person.

here’s the problem this is pre-set “personal transformation” course

The same old generic & typical “12 week transformation” gig… its not ‘personal’ if there’s an arbitrary set time limit.

that’s like creating a recipe from scratch and deciding up-front that it will only need 20 mins cooking time

If you’re honest with yourself mate, do you really think that you’re going to undo years of damage in 12 weeks?

It might be a bloody cracking start… but “complete personal transformation”? I honestly have no idea how long it would take you to reach your goals because:

  1. I have no idea of what kind of shape you’re in (even then it’d be an estimate)
  2. I have no idea what your personal/specific goals are
  3. I have no idea about your current lifestyle, available hours, gym access etc

But they’ve already determined that 12 weeks is enough lol

It’s just the stuff like the set amount of hours, gym sessions etc etc… it’s not specific to you, it’s all arbitary (maybey the workouts themselves will be personal) but what if you can’t adhear to them?

“12 weeks, 36 sessions, 45 mins per session” . this is what best works for them, and they have no idea if this is what you need.

lets have a look at this list:

•“3 times per week personal training” - what if you can only make 2? or what if your schedule chages week to week? what if you need or want more?

•“Personalised transformation strategy” - doesn’t seem very personal at all

•“Regular check points” - fair play, this is needed… but I’d want weekly check ins & daily support via text or email if I need it.

•“Reactive phase nutrition” - WTF does this even mean?

•“Total system support programs” - again, no idea what this is?

•“Private fitness studio” - ok

•“Personal progress video (optional)” ok

Looks to me that someone has set up a cookie cutter set plan, and is selling if for a ridiculous amount of money on the angle that it’s ‘personal’ to you…

just my take mate, and they may actually be an fantastic coach… but this just screams generic & money grabber to me.

They’ve basically set a cooking time for a recipe they’ve never made before, without knowing a single ingredient.

Hope this helps & really sorry if this sounds negative… I was actually really hoping to give neutral feedback.


Looks like a good personal course to me. You’re almost bound to lose pounds over 12 weeks. 970 to start with.

I kind of think that rearranging the words pole, touch and barge into a well known phrase or saying might be an idea…

…with the joshing aside though, what do peeps suggest Dan does to satisfy his apparent desire to balance person-to-person accountability with planned workouts/nutrition advice?


Hmm, yeah on the surface I agree with @maxnas, not having seen the actual materials. The PT I went to set a goal with me for a weight loss average of 2 pounds per week, which is challenging but realistic. They obviously don’t know where you are starting, so they can’t promise a total transformation in 90 days in good faith. The goals and the plan all need to be centered around you after having done a thorough evaluation of your current status. A lot of what I’m hearing just sounds like hype to get people to sign up while not setting realistic expectations.

@Stick asks a good question - “what do peeps suggest Dan does to satisfy his apparent desire to balance person-to-person accountability with planned workouts/nutrition advice?”

Accountability can be handled in many ways. This forum is largely an accountability forum, especially if you participate in the challenges. Or you can identify an accountability partner to share your goals with and to check in with on a regular basis. Or just find a good, experienced PT that doesn’t have a one size fits all program - go to a local gym and ask who they recommend if you don’t have any other recommendations from friends. I participate in (and help run) the 52 day challenges over on the Men’s Health forums, they are a way for me to keep accountable to my goals.

Nutrition doesn’t need to be overly complicated. I summarized the normal BMR-based method that 90% of PT’s use (and that worked for me) in this blog post (Sorry I keep referring to my blog, it’s not that I’m trying to promote it as much as I think I’ve spent a lot of time collecting some good information and I like to share it). So if you’re following an eating plan you should just use your accountability method of choice as a way to report your progress.

In terms of workouts, those don’t need to be overly complicated either. But it does really depend on where you currently are. If you’ve never really followed an exercise regimen before, you need to start out slow, like with 15 minute walks 5 times a week. Then work up to more time. Then once you’re comfortable with that, you can start to incorporate some simple resistance training (we had a recent thread on the forum regarding that). More advanced workout programming, especially strength training, can be a bit of an art so that’s where a PT can really help.

I’m not the be-all-end-all expert, but I know it’s easy just to want to adopt like @maxnas says, an exciting-sounding cookie cutter program to take you to where you want to go. That’s why they are so popular, but unfortunately once the hype and glitz fade away everyone realizes - “oh, you mean I need to eat better and exercise in order to achieve my goals?” and many drop out. So dig deep, discover why you want to do this, commit yourself, follow good basic principles, be consistent and you’ll succeed.

There, that’s my 15 minute pep talk :grinning:


Really appreciate the help guys.

I’ve decided to go with a guy who contacted.

He’s been doing it for over 20 years. Small local sole trader.

Free consultation to discuss what I want and to get the ball rolling.

£20 an hour, which is cheap and I’m one of them who gets concerned by cheapness.

We can train at my home, outside somewhere or in a gym he has access to.


good luck Dan :blush:


Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Well if he gets your balls rolling that’ll be a good start…


£20 is very cheap, but if you just need some focused accountability and someone with experience who is looking at you as a person and not a cash cow, then you’ve probably made a good choice.

If not, it will not cost you too much to find it.

Look forward to hearing how you get on


I used a PT when I got in great shape around 10 years ago.

I’m a simple man, and they just made sure my technique was perfected on the small group of exercises that I enjoy - squat, deadlift, clean and jerks. And a bunch of HIIT things before they became bigger.

After about a month the trainer (who also owned the gym I went to) said my technique was good, and didn’t need to pay him any longer.

So I found it invaluable to hone technique & he was an honest person.


Thanks mate,

I’m looking for someone to sit down with me, look at my nutrition and offer my guidance on the best types of food for me, and also getting out with me twice a week and putting me through some routines that he knows suit me and will help in the long run! As well as monitoring my progress.

Seems like he is experienced, and like you say he isn’t milking me… I’ve been honest and told him my experience, which is none. So he could have cashed in on me!