Pimlico Season 1 - Week 3

I must say I was disappointed with the turn out but hopefully it perks up this week, weightless wise we are doing well but I want this league to do great!!

Tricki Fata 2 - 20 Deportivo Lacko’Fitness

Pork Vale. 2 - 9 Largentina

Mr. Bradley Hunter. 9.2kg
Mr. Michael Hutchinson 5.6kg
Mr. Adam Allison 4.6kg
Mr. John King 4.5kg
Mr. pat johnson 4.1kg
Mr. Zachary King 3.9kg

So we are now in week 3 so why not start a 30 day challenge to help keep you motivated through these chilly times. I know that when I have goals the best way for me to achieve them is buy doing a challenge as I hate losing but I also love winning so my natural instinct is to smash the challenge.

Losing weight alone is a hard task so joining a challenge with support is a great way of sticking to it and a great source of motivation when things get hard.