Pinch punch first of the month!

Alright, how are you going to make December a drumroll cracker?

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Personally I am going to continue with my quest to eliminate as much sugar from my diet as possible (starting afresh today as I saw a new Ben & Jerry’s flavour yesterday and had to have it) and I’m going to do Headspace every morning.


I’ve gone for a non chocolate Advent this year! :socks:


Determined to eat well - cheat day is getting toned down as it affects my sleep and makes me feel unwell. I’ll still eat more of what I want but it’ll be a lot less than what I currently inhale.

Exercise more - 250km planned exercise this month, 12,052m hit today. MvF football on a Tuesday and a former MvF group’s 5 a side on a Thursday.

Consistently make better choices - Christmas day will be a blowout but not to the extent it affects my weight loss.

I’ve also made a balls of the first month of being a Player Marketer so I’ll be stepping my game up and getting that done this month!


Fortunately not as exposed to xmas as much as I would be at home. More in control of our own destiny here when it’s not shoved down our throats.

My plan is to stay on track as much as possible. Stay off the booze as much as possible and make good choices.
Injury permitting getting to the gym as much as I can and rack up a few km on the spin bikes.
We are on holiday from the 21st so will be damage limitation while away but I can’t see gains like other years happening.

Love it! I’ve got a similar one from M&S but it’s only 12 days of socks :broken_heart:

Day 2!