I’ve had three people telling me how pineapple burns fat. It has an enzyme, apparently.

Now, I love pineapple and need no excuse to eat it, but is there even an iota of truth in this?

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The pinapple diet will be the next big money maker lol

They’re talking about the enzyme bromelain which is an anti inflametory and aids digestion of protein and dietary fat

There was one flawed study years ago claiming that it takes more calories to eat than the calories in the food itself (like celery) which promted false claims that it directly burns body fat… but its since been rubbished

So unless it can magicaly remove food you’ve eaten from your body… nope.


Difficult to make money out of the pineapple diet. Its already out there on the interweb. Seems to involve 3 to 5 days of 450 Calories composed mostly of pineapple. Though I suppose the people who sell Bromelain enzyme tablets are making a few quid.

3-5 days of 400 calories mostly from pineapple… wonder why that works? :joy::joy::joy:

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I looked up Bromelain and, Boom… loads of ads for “natural anti-inflammatory” tablet which btw aids weight loss. Possibly some of the worst English on the web on these pages.

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I do like pineapple, and it was my go-to fruit for both morphine and chemo ‘get things moving’ purposes.
Other than that, I can only think about the old wives’ tale about it helping to bring on labour. Our ante-natal class reminded expectant mums that the pineapple was supposed to be administered orally…


@Doctor_Bong The answers below cover it nicely, however just to chip in with my ten pence worth…

There is no questioning the popularity of pineapple with 24 million tons produced worldwide, we consume it in various forms including juices, fruit salads, canned fruits and jams.

For me though…enjoy it as a source of vitamin C, manganese, copper and a useful source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate and pantothenic acid, but consume it in moderation (there’s that term again…moderation).

The bromelain enzyme mentioned in other responses clearly has an effect on our body, just note the ‘mouth burn’ you might experience following a binge on the sweet stuff…the bromelain enzyme is literally digesting the proteins in your mouth! Hence the use of Bromelain as a proteolytic enzyme in supplementation (an enzyme that digests proteins).

Bromelain seems to remain absorbable in the body without losing its proteolytic activity and without producing any major side effects, so may be useful as a digestive enzyme. Bromelain is often used to treat muscle injuries but evidence doesn’t seem to support this use (although the supplement companies won’t want you to know that).

As a rule then, enjoy pineapple as part of your 7-10 fruit and veg a day, but avoid over-consumption if you value the lining of your mouth and tongue AND if you want to keep those scales going in the right direction.