Planned Durham




I’m a newcomer on here and wondering if anyone knows when the planned Durham league will open? Really want to get started!


@Benjiboo this doesn’t answer your question so hopefully someone will get you a response from manvfat.
However, I live in Durham and ended up joining the Newcastle league. I also think Sunderland is up and running now, so if you have transport and the launch date for Durham doesn’t meet your needs I would suggest putting your name down for Sunderland and/or Newcastle.


Thanks @Remoh2003 the Durham one has now gone live starts 3rd April but it won’t let me register for it now? Unless is it a case I show up first date to register I’m not sure can’t find much detail on it and had no information found it by luck!


Hi @Benjiboo - You can register for this league on this webpage -

You have to use an email address that hasn’t been used for another MvF League, that’s where you might be having problems, perhaps.


Hi guys, I have just joined the Durham league, really looking forward to getting started!


Really looking forward to getting started!


Just signed up as it said live league. But not starting til April 3rd. What happens between now n them ?


As far as I know we just wait and will be co tasted once it’s up and running


I’ve just signed up, looking forward to it!


Hi to all who have signed up for the Durham League.

I am managing the league so can confirm all is set for the League registration on Wednesday 3rd April At The Durham FA HQ, Riverside Chester Le Street.


Hi all,

I have joined and look forward to starting next week



Hi John.

Do we need to bring anything with us for registration ?
What kind of pitches we play on?



Just yourself.

Games to be played on 3G at the Riverside Sports Complex.



Hi all,

Just signed up for the league. Looking forward to getting started. Do we get allocated to teams on registration day?



Hi @garymc92 - The teams will be set up by the system a few days before the Registration Night. You will find out your teams on the Registration Night, as well as going through the rules and regs and what happens each week at the session.


Champion cheers


Hi All,

All full steam ahead for the 3rd April registration and the League kicking off on the 10th April.

Be really good if you could all share the sign up details with friends, colleagues via social media.

50 players signed up so still a few places up for grabs…don’t forget only £2 per week.

John W


Really looking forward to getting started now. Just wondering if the few friends who have signed up together are able to form/be on the same team?


Hi @trickydickymint - just make sure you email to and name you and your mates so we can link up all up before the system generates the teams for registration night.


Just signed up. Got to be honest, I’m kind of nervous. It’s probably been 15 years since I played football in any form. But can only give it a go. Need to get some weight off and get some fitness! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting started!