Planned Durham




I’m a newcomer on here and wondering if anyone knows when the planned Durham league will open? Really want to get started!


@Benjiboo this doesn’t answer your question so hopefully someone will get you a response from manvfat.
However, I live in Durham and ended up joining the Newcastle league. I also think Sunderland is up and running now, so if you have transport and the launch date for Durham doesn’t meet your needs I would suggest putting your name down for Sunderland and/or Newcastle.


Thanks @Remoh2003 the Durham one has now gone live starts 3rd April but it won’t let me register for it now? Unless is it a case I show up first date to register I’m not sure can’t find much detail on it and had no information found it by luck!


Hi @Benjiboo - You can register for this league on this webpage -

You have to use an email address that hasn’t been used for another MvF League, that’s where you might be having problems, perhaps.


Hi guys, I have just joined the Durham league, really looking forward to getting started!


Really looking forward to getting started!