Planned Durham



Hi @stuart1975 - All perfectly normal feelings to have, I am sure many players are having the same things go through their head before their first session. Everyone will make you feel welcome and you can relax and enjoy the experience!


Really looking forward to lacing my boots up again. Football is a massive part of my life, will be good to play again and hopefully shed a few lbs


I’d be interested in doing this but we’re away on holiday on April 10th so it looks like I’d miss the first session, would that cause too many problems?


No, that’s fine, just make sure your coach is aware of that so he can give your induction the following week when you can start on your 1st session.


Hi guys just joined but not going to be able to make first week due to work.
It’s been a while since I’ve played football it be a good laugh


Hi everyone, I have signed up for Durham, really looking forward to this, great idea, especially as most us men don’t fancy slimming world, and we all love football.
Knocking on a bit now at 48, so you young lads don’t be to hard on us old farts, but it has been a while since I played a good game of footy, must be a good 5-7 years now, but can’t wait to have a game and more importantly lose some weight as well.


A mere youngster I was nearly 58 when I started at lode heath in Solihull , enjoy it it well worth it


Hello there,
any idea if I can pay cash to join Durham league?



Don’t think so, its all set up as a direct debit.


That’s correct, all MAN v FAT Football Leagues are running on a direct debit system, and the charges are paid monthly. With Durham, you are on a reduced payment rate as you’ve had funding from your local council.


Is there still space to join Durham league?


There is a waiting list for the league that will be used to fill in any open spaces - Sign up via


Email your question to the league coach or @admin on this forum.


Joined last week but the waiting list so just waiting to join in looking forward to it haven’t heard anything from organisers since last wens day though