Planned leagues in North London

Hi all,

I am just checking in to see if there is any news on the three North West London planned leagues - Harrow, Rectory Park and Wembley?

I originally signed up for the Rectory Park league but I can play in any of these three. Just eager to get cracking.

Is anyone else waiting on one of these three?

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I signed up for Harrow and/or Wembley nearly a year ago. Settled for Kensington where i played last year.

Sometimes, you can ask @MvFFootballHelp how many numbers they’re waiting on before the league could start?

welcome on board and good luck with your weight loss journey mate :+1:t4:

Yeah, I signed up several months ago as well and haven’t heard anything. The PowerLeague five-a-side centre just off the North Circular in Barnet/Finchley seems like a perfect place for lots of people to get to