Planned Newcastle (Wallsend)

Hi gang

Just signed up for the planned Wallsend league. Is there any info on how many people are signed up to it yet and roughly how long it would be until it starts?

And if it’s going to be a while, is it possible to transfer to the other Newcastle league until it does start?

Happy new year


Hi @xanderhowell - Wallsend are on 22 players, so if you can get another 8 lads to sign up, they will be at the minimum requirement needed to launch a league! Keep pushing the message to everyone!


I’m just waiting on approval to a local FB group that has 10,000 members and will post onto that. Will play the New Years Resolution card! Haha

Hi, I just signed up to the Benwell league but would prefer Wallsend. Can I transfer? The window is open!

Don’t suppose you’d have a rough time or day in mind would you? A few people have asked to know before they were to commit!

Hi @jamesain86 - drop an email over to and we can get that sorted out.

The registered players will be asked for their preference of days/times once we get to 30 players and the league is green lit, so we take that into consideration when the league team are drafting up venues.


Is there any update as to the numbers we have so far for the above league?


Hi @stewart.paterson1990 - Wallsend has 28 registered players, so keep plugging away and get those sitting on the fence to register, it costs just 1 pound to register!

Two more to go. C’mon!

Any further updates anyone?

Hi @Matt12d - still on the same number of players, keep pushing!

Got to be nearly there now haha been waiting since October :joy::ok_man:t3::ok_man:t3:

Any updates?

i’ve just joined this proposed league. the map says its at Tynemouth College in North Shields, which is better for me. But thats not Wallsend. accuratly describing the location might help bring in players from Shields Tynemouth and Whitley Bay

Hi, I’ve just joined today. Is there any update on when the league will start?

Does anyone know if anything is happening with this league?

Any news on a league? Or a team. Been waiting since January.

I see they’re advertising for a Regional Manager for the North, so I guess something has happened. Waiting 8 months for a league to start seems very poor, especially with no updates.

It’s a numbers game, you need enough people to want to sign up.

For example, there is a Newcastle league based in Benwell. There was a point where the Benwell league dropped to 6 teams due to lack of numbers, but under the running by Newcastle United Foundation went back up to 8 teams & still going strong.

I find it more poor that in a city the size of Newcastle with so many obese people, that the league even struggled to maintain 80 participants. Humans shovelling more food than they need down their throats rather than exercising eh?