Plant based intake

Hey guys,

Recently watched The Game Changers on Netflix(it’s about becoming plant based eater) and it made a bit of sense on a few different levels.

I just wondered his there any if you guys on a plant based intake, how have you found it, have you found any health benefits and what’s been the hardest part for you.

Cheers guys :muscle:

Just an FYI mate, from the evidence based fitness professional side of things… This new ‘documentary’ is considered ‘science fiction’ & nonsense within the Nutritional science world, just like previous similar entertainment movies being released to the public under the guise of ‘documentaries’

Just some info to boot, James Cameron, Arnie & many of the featured people, promoters have recently bought into a pea protein vegan supplement company (Ladder), & many of the others featured have existing or upcoming book deals based on the topic.

That being said, having a mostly plant based diet should be the norm for most humans, but this movie is nothing more than entertainment & science fiction mate

I almost plucked my eyes out trying to watch it & had to stop myself from pummelling my fists into my TV many times lol :smile:

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Cheers Nas - really appreciate your input. I suppose I’m experienced enough now not to get dragged into the sales stuff (although I didn’t know about the Arnie angle) but I’m gonna give it a bit of a go ( in a flexible way - maybe 90% of the time)

I couldn’t do it all the time, but hoping that my habits change through this approach!

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Always good to take an inclusive approach, rather than a restrictive approach… including more plant food is a good thing mate. Most people see benefits due to having more veg (micronutrients) & by reducing their caloric intake by default due to removing other foods they would otherwise be eating…

Give it a go mate

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Can’t even pronounce tofu correctly nevermind cook the bloody stuff - but I’ll persist :joy:

I watched it and What the Health
Had an impact on me and changed some things.
Feel really good at the minute… Lots of energy etc.
Don’t miss meat but don’t completely rule it out.
The junk food is my problem… Can’t kick that one… Yet

That’s my attitude - not too bothered about the meat, but the dairy is a bit difficult for me

After watching What the Health? I have been thinking about this loads too.
@bignorthernlad I want to watch The Game Changers too as it sounds really interesting.
I am not sure where I would start personally. The missus always cooks plenty of veggies and there is plenty of fruit in home too. I think I would just cut some rubbish out like avoiding grabbing a sausage (oo-er!) or bacon roti on the way home and have an apple instead.
At meals times, I think I am simply going to eat less meat (try and not have any sometimes) and less dairy.
Like I just said in group; I think the missus will cleaver me if I ask for a chicken fried rice without the chicken or egg.
Just found it on bili-bili, my Chinese video sharing site. It has loads of stuff.

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What the health is even worse as far the ‘science’ they claimed…

I won’t go into details of their claims & explain how almost everything is these things are utter nonsense as I’ll just get angry lol

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re making better choices that’s great, but nextflix movies (WTH, Gamechangers, cowspiracy, etc) aren’t the best place to get nutritional science information from

Right now there’s a giant vegan product push as it’s the current hot trend, and the public masses are unfortunately buying into the latest trend/fad (as always) which will nicely line the pockets of these product creators (LADDER etc)

Some of the old schoolers on here will remember a few years back when I made everyone on here aware of the concept of a Caloric Deficit & that it’s the foundation of all weightloss diets, & was met with lots of angry comments from people who we’re emotionally attached to ideas & concepts that they’d heard/read/watch that resonated with them… a few years later, it’s now an accepted simple truth here that you need to create an energy deficit to lose weight.

Point is… this is my new warning on how to avoid the latest diet nonsense, I get nothing from this, but it might save you some confusion & hopefully some money lol

This year it’s veganism
Last year it was keto
The year before it was fasting
The year before that it was low carb
Before that it was low fat
Next year it’ll be something else
People will still be spinning their wheels in 5,10,20 years trying the ‘new thing’ year after year, never getting results

Disclaimer: Eat a mostly plant based diet for overall good health :smile:

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Sage advice Nas - thus time in looking for a repeatable system or set if things that I can do to help me with better health - i reckon that weightloss will just be an added benefit :muscle:

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Why not simply make a plan up, with the calories calculated initially, of food you actually want to eat?

Ergo, you enjoy it, therefore stick to it.

Great point, but I’m more interested in the health benefits rather than weightloss - I reckon the weightloss will follow.

Myself and Mrs have turned to a pla t based diet (90%) and she has lost 8 lbs and I’ve lost 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks.
I know it’s early but seeing a benefit. Feel better, sleeping better and I have not done hary any training in that time, other than walking the dog as normal


Yep, it’s super hard to over consume calories when eating mostly water based plants, plus an automatic increase in micro-nutrients probably clear up deficiencies that most people have.

I will pass dont do vegtables :rofl::rofl:

@maxnas I see you don’t want to get angry lol, but why is it all science fiction? There are athletes giving testimony, case studies and physicians all giving accounts.

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Check out this mate, it’s Layne Norton’s official scientific analysis.

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Will do.

I realize its underlying yet watching a points of interest feel, resting better and I have not done hary anything in that time other than walking the pooch as standard