Player focus from season 2 into season 3



Well done Ben great progress
how did you hear about man v fat
Via a friend on Facebook

what made you join
Opportunity to address weight and fitness by playing football. Wanted to work on self for a long time and this sounded like a fun opportunity that I didn’t want to pass on.

how have you found the last 6-8 months so far
Very good, the league is run well, the games are enjoyable and the competitive nature of the weight loss helped keep me motivated

what’s your weight loss to date
Lost 30kg since Sept

what’s the support like amongst your team?
Great on match day, not too much contact throughout the week but all great guys

what differences can you tell so far after your weight loss?
Much fitter, can run for longer, and much easier to buy clothes now in smaller sizes

what have you removed reduced and replaced as part of your changes?
Removed takeaways and fatty foods such as sausages. Reduced bread - usually only have it on weekends. Increased vegetable intake and enjoy more variety in food due to cooking more.

what advice would you give to a man thinking of joining man v fat
I’d advise that they don’t have to worry about the standard of football as playing well is a bonus, and to do your own nutritional research to assist your weigh loss

fast forward a year what do you see yourself doing?
I’d like to enhance my running. I can now run 5km and would like to build up to 10km and beyond

what comments and support have you received from friends and family
Lots of compliments as progress observed, often being asked how I’ve done it.