Players Signin up under false pretences


Hi, my main aim for joining Man v Fat was to lose weight and at the same time hopefully meet some like-minded people and hopefully make some good mates along the way.
Although I have lost weight every week, apart from one where I maintained, i am slightly dissillusioned at some of the participants in the league who don’t seem to make any particular effort to lose weight and some have openly admitted that the only reason they come is because they get to play football for free.
I appreciate that people lose weight at different rates and that some people find it harder than others, but could something be put into place that helps motivate players to lose weight otherwise risk being asked to leave, especially if they haven’t lost anything after several weeks.
If someone is just turning up to get free football and has no interest in losing weight this is taking up a space for someone that may truly need the programme. I know you have to meet certain criteria to be eligible so techinically everyone on the scheme needs it, but to then just blatantly not bother seems a waste. One player in particular has already said that they will not be carrying on when they have to start paying for it as just wanted to carry on playing free football.
This in my mind is not in the spirit of Man v Fat.


I’m not a MvF footballer, but I can absolutely see how this scenario would be a potential de-motivator… and not in HQ’s best interests to foster if the leagues are to continue.


Kick lumps out of them until they start paying.


fo you mean de-motivator to remove someone if they are not losing weight? or de-motivator to others who are losing weight and then having someone involved who isn’t bothered?


He’s agreeing with you, mate.


The latter…and Yes - I AM agreeing with you.

I don’t actually know the rules of MvF football having never been involved, but I get the gist of them, and I can quite imagine that someone not even attempting to lose weight, nevermind doing it, would act as a possible de-motivator to a teammate who’s putting his all into the spirit of the game, and purpose of the rules.


Hi @Paul_Baker

I understand where you are coming from, and I have heard it from other Leagues that have been funded. Ultimately, a player that doesn’t lose weight won’t win anything, bar a few games on the pitch. The realisation that to win the league, you have to combine losing consistently on the scales, collecting the bonuses that come with that, as well as playing football on the pitch.

I would always argue that the players that get that the quickest end up doing themselves and their team the most credit, and usually wins the accolades at the end of the season.


Wait what is all this FREE about??? Im waitin 2 join a league but money is the main thing cos i hav 2 save up an i am NOT a high earner…
I was under the impression its £25 a month??? How do u go about playin it 4 free cos id LOVE 2 kno
@MvFFootballHelp do u kno about this???


New leagues are free for the first season, as it’s funded by Sport England/the FA, then they are £25 a month.

Newcastle & Sunderland have both had their free leagues already.


I was gona say!! I suppose this problem wont b an issue ne more after this season @Paul_Baker ?
If u dont mind me sayin yea i get it can b annoying if u think they not serious but i wud say may bes the DO want 2 lose weight but its hard 2 admit so they just say that?? I can understand that, for ages i cannot admit i wantd 2 lose weight even tho i can admit im obese. Even now i find it hard ppl noticing or realising so i generally deny it outside mvf page. I was even thinkin i dont want 2 kno my weight / weight loss, the coach can record it 4 the team benefit but am not sure i need 2 kno??? Weight is a difficult topic 4 some ppl so i just say ah well every1 there 4 a reason, ppl r all in a differnt place.

Just my opinion i dont think ppl shud b banned 4 not enuf weightloss. That probs make them feel terrible. Id b GUTTED if that happen 2 me, especially since they mite b trying just find it hard or whatever


i understand what you are saying. don;t get me wrong I am not saying that you should make it that players have to lose weight every week otherwise they get kicked off the scheme, but I thin setting some boundaries may be required, even if you said that every play should lsoe weight at least once every 4-5 weeks, i don’t think is too much to ask, that would mean that over a season of say 12-14 weks that they would have to lose weight three times, which would also give them a hat-trick and contribute towards their teams points, i appreciate that some people find it difficult to lose weight consistantly or even at all, it is just my opinion but I feel that in some instances the places are being taken up by people who don’t really want them


Aye i see ur point. Bit shan on ppl who didnt get a place but rly wanted to. I suppose like i say when this 1st seasons up ppl will hav 2 pay so probs less timewasters then n even if there was, i suppose its there money , what do eh.
Probs just best concentrate on urself n other mates there, dont worry about them to much.

By the way can i ask or ask @Darren_Welch at manvfat do they actually tell the rest of ur team ur weightloss (or not) or is it up2 u if u tell ppl?


in our league they just tell you your own, we chat together as a team and see how we have all done but nothing gets published other then the top scorer league. assuming this is the same for all of them, however I have seen that other leagues have weekly updates in the forums about performance and how many players have lost 5 or 10%, and how much weight people have lost overall but think this is something that they have decided to do off their own backs


Aye. I dont think id b keen my weight gettin telt 2 every1, just put on the group total


Everyone’s fat, lad, no one cares how much you weigh. It’s liberating.

They’ll be more interested in what you’ve lost than what you are.


Thats true , dunno why iv got some hang up about it. Probs feel different when am actually there, got a fair while yet tho!!


We’ve all got our demons, lad.

I’m still ashamed about my weight, haven’t told most of my friends, only the closest know.

The lads at football were told in week 1, they didn’t bat an eyelid and some of them are half my starting weight.

It’s the progress that counts, buddy. Hope you can join a group soon, it’s changed my life and I’m sure it’d change yours too. You never know, you might get signed for Sunderland (they’d probably sign you now though to be fair!).


Ah thats canny. It sounds a really nice mentality n all that. Non judgemental. I think that makes a difference cos i always failed doin this alone. I defo will get there i think i just need a propa job 1st, working on it :confused:

Hahaha eee the cheek of it, i cant rly argue tho!!


How much do you spend on takeaways a month out of interest? Roughly?


Well before i done this it defo over £25 so thats a fair point. Spend money on cigarettes an all. Cud prioritise things alot better