Players Signin up under false pretences


There you go, mate.

Give up the cigs and join MvF! hi5


Aah i walked into that 1 ha


Haha, yes!

If you use my code, you can get a fiver off your registration fee as well (I also get a fiver for the referral).


THIS. Gave up 18 months ago then 3 months later went all healthy.

First 3 weeks are the worst and I only used 11 patches.


I dont kno if i can do both thats just bein honest


You can do anything if you put your mind to it, Biff, my old mate.

Used to drink 5 - 6 nights a week and haven’t touched a drop in 11 months.

Mind over matter for me although we’ve all got our own battles and I completely respect that.


Nice 1!! U done some propa lifestyle changes isnt it @atb88 :hushed: i think it is v inspiring ur positive mentality… i hope that doesnt sound shit or patronising etc i dont mean it like that

Aye. I think i can quit smoking if i wantd… when iv been especially skint iv gone without n its not been that hard. But at the end of the day am just not that motivated about the smoking, i suppose the cost is the only thing i dont like about it. Unlike food/weight which i think is more the problem


The money saved would be more than enough to pay for MvF. I couldn’t afford to smoke now, I have found so many other things to spend the money on instead.


Fair point. I might note down what i spend on it, that gotta b a worth a try motivation wise


Us ex-smokers are the worst for preaching. :joy:

I am even worse because I judge the rubbish that I see other people eating too. :joy::joy::joy:


I appreciate the kind words, mate, if I can inspire others into changing for the better then that makes me really happy and more driven to try and inspire others.

I want you to quit smoking, to join MvF and live your best life. But that’s my dream for you, I know you’ve got your own dreams and your own life to live and that’s cool too. If you’re happy, I’m happy.

If you want some real inspiration though, check out @Darren_Welch’s thread compiling his journey. If that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!


Haha mebbes, ur words not mine :laughing:


Ah cheers. U an all! Serious i had a good year just gone cos i managed 2 make some good changes in my life in terms of catching up on some things id got abit left behind on, some things happend 2 me that made it feel like apprecated n whateva, it rly helped my confidence.
My health is the nxt thing i suppose cos its early days with that but it got me in2 the mentality 2 try cos i began 2 feel abit more like my health/life mattered abit. Dunno if that makes ne sense at all lol

Ah cool wheres that post?


Makes total sense, mate.

Tagged you in the post, enjoy!


Nice! Plenty 2 read there. Always good 2 hav ppl 2 cheer on :muscle::clap:SUCCESS


Such kind words, although I have been slacking off a little this year… but only 10kg to go…

…well 13kg to go, same difference, almost.


Touching distance, mate, you’ve got this! Look how far you’ve come; accomplishments to look up to!


At Cardiff we’ve straight up told the guys who are only here for football that they need to join a local power league & that we’re a weight loss club who play a game of footie at the end of the week as a fun reward for the effort & support they put in during the week

If anything it’s changed the entire perception of the club for the better (weight-loss focused rather than football focused) & we’ve had about 7-8 new players sign-up so far with their focus on weight-loss

I’m looking at the longer game, this season is about turning things around here & giving the fellas what they need to enjoy life more & live longer


I suppose the good thing is u can get both. Its got the weightloss focus but also the football focus which i think is a big draw 4 ppl who wanna lose weight but arent in2 other diet club things thay dont hav that.


Yes where as this free came from i pay 25 a week