Players Signin up under false pretences


Seems like its a special offer 4 leagues just startin out


You mean £25 a month quite obviously.

You read the post about free but not the subsequent explanation; new leagues are free for the first season, as it’s funded by Sport England/the FA, then they are £25 a month.

If you are paying it is because the league you are in is not on its first season.


Funny thing the reason I left Man v Fat Football and went to Weight Watchers (Which was a little odd seeing that the reason I signed up for the first incarnation of Man v Fat was because it was billed as “Weight Watchers but without having a bunch of women moaning about their period” ) was because even the coaches couldn’t seem to remember that the football was supposed to be a fun little addon and those paying for membership should be in no way required to play or watch football.


We have the exact same in our new Telford league . A lot of players only there for the footy n deffo not trying to loose weight. Although it’s not free. Our 1st seasin just coming to an end but we have all paid since the start.


Just to clarify, some leagues are funded by Sport England or by their local council. This means that players monthly subs are not taken in the first season. This is done within postcode restrictions to ensure that players from their local area are taking full advantage of this offer.

Most leagues that are running will be under the standard price of 25 pounds per month.


In my experience I wouldn’t attempt both at the same time, try and lose weight first and then give up smoking, it’ll help suppress your appetite and give you something to do, you may increase the amount you smoke in the short term when first starting your diet whilst your craving food but that’ll ease off after a few weeks, being overweight and smoking are clearly both bad for your body and maybe some people can do both at the same time but in my opinion stick with the weight loss and when your in a good rhythm on your diet then cut back and quit


That was my thinkin tbh, not taking on 2 much in 1 go


My only dissapoinment from man v fat is no support with the weight loss side of things, I started filling my book in but all they do is weigh you, say well done or not, then we go play football, I as many have said thought there would be more help, personally my weight has been up and down, all I get told is to on the forum, I personally think help from a dietian present at weekly meetings to assist us or even fortnightly, I’ve asked James and he agrees with us that he thought there would be more help


My experience doesn’t match we get plenty of support and advice from our coach and more still through the WhatsApp team and League groups