Plymouth Noob

Morning all,
Just introducing myself, new player here in sunny Plymouth, used to be a pretty decent player but like most newbies/guys my age I have not played for quite a considerable time, looking forward to getting started and getting back in to it, shifting some weight, and having a good crack at the same time.


Welcome Spike. What team are you on? How you feeling today if you played yesterday?
There doesn’t seem to many using the site to its max at the moment so don’t be surprised if it takes a while to get answers from questions.

Hiya Carl, thanks for the reply mate. I am still waiting on the coach to contact me which I have been told will be towards the end of this week. Hopefully I will be given a team and hoping to start playing a week on Monday which will be the 10th April.
How are you finding it bud?

Hi Spike. Its enjoyable. Good banter with the other teams and support is available if you need it via Whatsapp groups and the site. Once you get your head around it all its a great way of motivating yourself. You don’t want to let your team mates down on the pitch or off the field with the weight. Have you heard what team your joining yet?

Hey Carl, I am really looking forward to getting going, not played for some 15 years but the mind is sharp as ever but unfortunately age and weight have caught up with me!
Diet wise I am pretty determined and have been doing Slimming World with the other half for a while but I need some fitness now.
I have been put in the red team which is awesome as I am a lifelong LFC fan and I just hope that I am not going to let the lads down on or off the pitch lol.

Good luck tonight both on and off the pitch Spike. Enjoy your first game - might still be around to watch as we are on at 2000 tonight.

Thanks Carl, thoroughly enjoyed my first game. Even though I had to come off with a pulled hamstring! Oh well, will make up for it next week!