Pompey 24 June 2019

Another fun filled night with laughs a-plenty, some cracking goals, fantastic scales results and all round good fun. So lets start with the scales. Top of the shop with a whopping 3.1kg OFF in one week is Whites captain, Morgan Collis. What a fantastic week you have had mate, tell us how. Or what you did because we all want a bit of that. Next up, Yellows player Ashley Rimmer. Ash has had a tough time lately but looks like he’s turning things around with a commendable 1.4kg off. Blacks goalkeeper Dan Brennan is playing football several times a week and this is beginning to show with a consistent streak of weight loss and 1.3kg off this week is proof that exercise and diet work. The only other player to get a mention this week is Blues player Darren Aylward who loses 1.1kg to just about get himself a mention in this write up.

On the pitch things went according to plan but there may be a sting in someones tail. First up was Blacks v Reds. A close game where Reds kept equalising every time Blacks scored finally ended 11- 6 to Blacks once they got their act together and kept their shape. And when Morgan hit yours truly in the nuts with the most powerful clearance ever made by any man on this planet…well lets just say that it didn’t exactly tickle. Purples romped home to an expected win against Blues with an easy 13 - 5 win and the final game between Yellows and Whites ended 10 - 7 to whites but they had a ringer which costs them 2 goals, maybe the results of the weigh in might tip the result in Yellows favour? We’ll see when the updates are done.

When we are trying to lose weight, either by diet alone or by exercising more (it really takes both though), we all reach a point where we plateau out. No matter what we do and no matter how well we have been going we just can’t seem to shift any more weight. We need to get the basics right, more calories out than calories in but sometimes that just isn’t enough, we need to up the calories out or lessen the calories going in. We all love our food (obviously!) so the latter option is the harder of the two so what do we do? We have to try to use more calories up by exercising more. There are many ways we can do this, running, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, dancing, the gym, the possible ways are endless. So I’ve arranged a taster session of boxing training for Wednesday night for all of us, the details are in the Wassap group. It would be great to see at least a dozen of us there to give it a go and I know through previous years of boxing and seeing friends do it that the weight falls off once you get into it. For those of us who have stagnated with their weight loss it might be the kick start we need. Give it a go, we will not be sparring with each other (unless you particularly want to!) so no one will get hurt but you will get sweaty, fitter and thinner.