Pompey Cup Week 1

Oooh, lots of arguing on Wassap this week, lots of toys being thrown out of prams but we got there in the end. Lads, we do things the MvF way, not the way it ‘used’ to be done. This way is fairer and gives the bottom few clubs a chance at glory rather than playing top v bottom in the first round of the cup. Saying that, we did it last year and the bottom two teams contested the final so what do I know eh? At the end of the day though, this is a Man v Fat league and we do it their way. So, on to the results. Football first tonight.

The first game of the first round of the cup saw top placed purples against second placed whites. With the score on the pitch ending as 10 - 1 to Purples it looked like Whites had no chance once the extra goals were added. Don’t get excited, they didn’t but it was close! Purples actually scored no extra goals and had to use a ringer, with all the Whites team filling in their books for extra goals they ended up scoring 6. Not enough to win but proof that those extras do count. If they had scored a couple of goals more they might have sneaked a win. Second game of the night saw a confident Blacks playing Blues. After their early season form dipped the Blues were almost back to their best. In a close fought game (in which I scored, ask me to talk you through goal of the night!) Blues almost snatched a draw with two goals in the final minute but were unlucky to go down 7 - 6. Once the scales etc were added Blacks came way with a 12 - 11 win. That is an amazing 10 extra goals awarded in one game, and neither side used a ringer! Those scales are working for those teams, make them work for you. Final game of the night saw the leagues bottom two, Reds and Yellows play an entertaining game that ended 7 - 3 to Reds. But once again the extra goals made the final result a lot closer with Reds winning 8 - 6 in the end. If Yellows didn’t have that ringer eh?

On the scales we got our first 10% of the season. Rob Newman has led the way all season but was pipped at the post by Ryan Farley of Blues who’s 1.4kg loss saw him hit 10.09%. That’s two great seasons in a row for Ryan who’s showing that if you want it to happen it will happen but you have to make it happen, it won’t come to you. My guess is that Rob Newman will be spitting feathers this week and I expect to see a huge loss from him next week. Also losing 1.4kg this week is Yellows man Garry Banks, closely followed by team mate Sean Mason who lost 1.3kg. The only other player worth an honorable mention this week is Purples man Chris Dunne who also lost 1.3kg. We had a couple of close ones this week, Leslie Buck, Chris Weaver and James Cole almost lost 1kg each, but not quite. Still got a mention though but not highlighted :frowning_face:

A couple of players really struggled this week, no names as they know who they are. Hopefully they will get their heads into it this week and make up for 2.7kg, 1.9kg, 2.2kg ad 3.6kg gains to mention a few. If those players need to talk to me either directly, via wassap or any other way they should feel free. I want you to succeed as much as you do guys, I want people to look at our league and wonder how we are doing so well. So if you need any help, advice or need to sound off, call me.

As for the Scales league, with Ryan hitting his 10% I fully expect Rob Newman to do the same. Daniel Todd has reached 5% but the next level is probably a step too far this season, maybe next time eh Dan? Closing in on their own 5% are Jamie Davies, John Hookey and Ashley Rimmer. Not out of the running but with a bit of work needed are Phil Knowler, Dan Brennan, Callum Richards and Luke Diaper. With a decent couple of weeks any of those guys could hit their 5% and I would love to be giving out 10 certificates on presentation night.

Make it happen guys.