Pontypool Cwmbran or surrounding areas

Hi just putting the feelers out for people from my area

Hi mate,

We’ve got a well established club in Cardiff & it looks like there might be a Newport club in the New Year… I’m sure more details will come soon

Yes, we’ll be announcing more news about new Welsh leagues soon, Newport is probably going to be your closest as we don’t have enough interest in Cwmbran or Pontypool yet.

That’s great Newport isn’t too far, thanks for replying

Is the Newport league still likely to be going ahead in January?

We’re currently evaluating the location to make it accessible to everyone based around Newport & the surrounding areas (inc Cwmbran or Pontypool) & should have an update very soon.

But yes the plan is to get going in the new year.

Hold tight, you’ll have full details soon.

I’ve signed up for the Newport league? Paid the money etc. So I’m very keen to know when things will get going