Porky Blinders scales saved the day



So last night we went on the pitch having not been beaten for quite a few games and the team expecting another win. 30 minutes later we trudged off the pitch with a 4-0 loss and we were played off the pitch. We all had a bad game and deserved to lose, we dusted ourselves off and had a rant but then it is put to bed.

We did however use the game as it should be used and put the preparation in all week with thinking about the scales and how this could make or break the game. We used team chat and came up with a plan off the pitch and all motivated each other and stuck to it. When we turned up for weigh in last night we had all contributed and done as we had said and lost giving us hat tricks and a 5% in week 3.

So the results came in 4-0 loss on the pitch turned into a 13-11 win and kept us in top place in the weight loss league and the combined league. Its not all about playing half hour for the team its about being a team all week and denying ourselves sometimes for the good of the team or putting a bit more effort in exercise to get the result on a friday night to win the game before going on the pitch. I am proud to be the porky blinders captain and the effort put in by the team everyday to keep winning and losing weight. No pain no gain (loss).