Let’s talk porridge. How do you have yours?

I have mine with soy or oat milk and a tbsp of golden syrup (or maple syrup depending on what I’ve got in) almost every day. Also a fan of cinnamon or a tbsp of jam.

What about you?

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I have 30g Rolled oats 150ml Semi skimmed and a chopped up banana. Most days

Oooh yes, banana is a good shout. Especially when you bake the oats in the oven for a bit too

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sometimes if we have greek yogurt and frozen raspberries

I’m a fan of overnight oats. Mix them with milk/yogurt and some raspberries then leave in the fridge overnight.

With blueberries, some nuts and a little honey.

Occasionally with an apple, a banana and a little honey.

Strawberries and, oh yes, a little honey.

Straight up gangster,

Boiling water, microwave for a minute, stirring when it nearly billows over, add a splash of milk.

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Full fat Greek yogurt,oats,frozen fruits, sprinkle of chia and depending on what fruits maybe some nuts
Or banana with cinnamon is great combination

All in kilner jar leave in fridge till morning take out stir leave for a few minutes (make a cuppa) then enjoy

Luke warm kettle water into kilner jar lid down swirl the water around - jar is spotless in less than a minute

I’m intrigued overnight oats??? what do you do in the morning eat them cold heat them up?? what proportions of milk and yogurt?

Eat them cold. The oats soak up the liquid and soften overnight. If you do a google search on “Bircher” or “overnight oats” you’ll find lots of receipes. The proportion of oats to liquid takes a bit of trial and errors and depends on the type of oats you have.

35g Oats
30g Chocolate flavour Protein Powder (added once cooked)
25g Blueberries
200ml water

Low sugar, high protein, filling

OR (rare special occasions)
40g Oats
1tbsp honey
1 tbsp double cream
200ml water
25ml Whisky


I’m glad that you only rarely start the day with whiskey. Does it go in before are after cooking?

After. With the cream.

It’s a delight, best reserved for high days and holy days.

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Untold years ago, before I even had a weight problem, for a few years I had porridge for breakfast. I’m also lucky enough to have killed off having much of a sweet tooth or needing to make things tasty. Plain is fine. So I could have oats either with milk or just water, and just a teaspoon of honey was optional.

That was then.

Over the last year, once being recent, I wanted to try oats again as the are great for weight - loss, keeping you feeling full for ages. Unfortunately… within an hour or two I had a huge intestinal reaction. In all the years that have passed something has changed. I figure it’s probably allergy to gluten. Or the effect of roughage? It’s certainly not a reaction I could live with! - until lunchtime I’d not even be able to get to work!

I wonder if anyone else has come across this? and/or found a solution?

It’s probably not an allergy unless you’ve become Coeliac. Maybe worth going to the doc on that count.

Things change though, and in the experience of one of my family, once you’re intolerant of something you don’t get tolerant again.

So, it’s probably :bacon: and :egg: for you.

I’ve tried. I just don’t get porridge.

I didn’t used to be a fan. Still not so found of the traditional porridge. However oats do seem to keep you feeling full for a long time. They are also a great medium for taking on other flavours. i.e. you can make them tast of whatever you want.

I have porridge every morning with semi-milk and then two and half mins in the microwave. I then put some fruit on it, normally blueberries.

I have type 2 diabetes and I’m reluctant to put sugar or honey or jam on the porridge. I’d like to find something that would give the porridge a sweet taste. I noticed someone uses syrup, would this be ok??

If you have any ideas, please share?


I don’t think golden syrup would work, maple maybe I don’t know it’s mythical to me on a budget!

I’d say fruit is great for sweetness already, brown bananas especially.

I used chopped apple with a dash of cinnamon recently, and that worked rather well.

I’m no sugar/diabetes expert, but from what I can see you’re going to have to give a swerve to all the sugars be they pure white, molasses, honey, agave nectar, whatever…