Portsmouth 03/06/19

Oh those Bank Holidays! I’ve said before that they don’t do us any favours and yet again… this is going to be a short list of winners today. Top spot goes to Whites man Ollie Saunders with a massive 3.1kg off, the bank holiday certainly didn’t affect him! Well done Ollie, great to see such a fantastic result and it shows your commitment to the program. New lad Dominic Armati of Reds pops up with an inspiring 1.9kg loss. It goes to show that your initial enthusiasm works, we all need to get that back lol. Blacks player Martin McGurk came in with a welcoming 1.7kg off followed closely by Joe Brown of Purples who lost a credible 1.5kg. Team mate Callum Richards kept up his continued weight loss with a 1kg drop. Lastly, and I never mention anyone below 1kg but today I’m goin to make an exception, lastly is Tom Campbell-Adams who lost .9kg on his first weigh in. Fantastic Tom, keep it up mate. Overall it is another disappointing weigh in after a Bank Holiday. I spent many years in sales and marketing, enough to know that dwelling on the negatives only breeds negativity but sometimes it needs to be said so people actually know what is going on. So…worst performance of the night goes to Blues. Only 1 of the 5 who weighed in actually lost weight tonight, can you do better next week? They weren’t the worst team though. Despite only 5 of 8 players putting on this week, the Yellows put on an astonishing 7.9kg altogether. That is with 3 players losing weight! Come on guys, I know we all have our good weeks and bad weeks, but all at the same time? Work together, use your Wassap groups to keep each other on track, meet up and discuss things, even call me if you are having a downer! We are here because we want to be so lets make the most of the tools we are given. They do work, there is plenty of proof, lets see a huge effort next week eh?

On the pitch things were as normal. Purples won their final league game of the season but had to work hard to defeat second placed Whites by a score of 8 - 5. The second game of the night was another very close one with Reds just outing Blues by 8 - 7. When the scales scores are added into the equation that might change, as might the earlier games result. The final game won’t be changed though, Blacks thrashed Yellows 15 - 3. On to the cup competition next week, if it is anything like last years it could be exciting as it was the two bottom placed league teams made it to the final.

Finally, we get the same faces up at Goals on a Sunday at 4pm, let’s see if we can get a few new ones there this week. We get the 7 a side pitch for a hour, and we get it free. No cost. Nada. Zilch. Nil. We just turn up and play but it is all arranged officially so we won’t get kicked off. We usually get abut 14 people and have a great game as well as a bloody good work out too, just what we need the day before weigh day. If we get 20 players down there we can accommodate 20, it doesn’t matter so get down there and join in (pitch 4). And if anyone is feeling that they could use a little more exercise I’m always up for a game of tennis (its free) or squash (have to pay) or even ping pong if you want, just ask me. I could use a change to my usual routine.