Portsmouth 09/12/19 - week 5

Apologies - for the lack of meeting on Monday night. Just before the first chat a group of lads came into the bar and bought themselves a round of drinks then sat down to drink them. I am not sure if we have exclusive use of the bar area so couldn’t ask them to leave, at the same time I didn’t think it would be fair on you guys to discuss how fat we all are and how we can go about changing things with a group of strangers listening in. I know most of you will say that you don’t care but some of you do and don’t want your business broadcast to anyone who wants to listen. So I decided to abandon the meeting which was a shame as it seems that you were all interested in taking part. What was gong to be said will be said at the end of this post.

Biggest Losers - not many to mention again this week but here goes. Top man this week is Mark Dalgleish with a good loss of 1.6kg. Following up is Rob Parkhouse by losing 1.3kg, both Paul Wingate and Mark Eames lose 1.1kg and just making it onto the leaderboard is Tom Adams with a 1.0kg loss. There are a few of you bubbling just under this week but not worthy enough of a mention Try harder lads.

On the pitch - there were some good close games played again tonight, well done.
Purple 9 - 7 Red - this was a hard fought win for the Purples who were missing regular goal keeper Dan Brown but a MoM performance from Billy Ryder helped them to victory. I think he scored as well! Purples also scored 7 bonus goals making the final score 16 - 9.
Yellow 8 - 5 Blue - the Yellows dominance of the league continued but again it was a harder win than the score suggested and for the second week running the MoM award was given to Paul Wingate. Both teams also scored well on the scales leaving the final score as 15 - 12.
Black 10 - 7 White - a game that Blacks seemed to be dominating was almost lost but in the end they managed to hold on despite only having 6 players available. We won’t mention Dans air shot! After weigh ins were added the final score proves once again that those scales can make a difference, the Whites winning by 15 - 12!

So the Yellows are still clear at the top of the football league with a 100% record and they don’t look like slowing up anytime soon. But on the Scales table the Whites are once again showing us all how to do it. And last nights bonus of 8 goals shows how well captain Morgan Collis is motivating his side. The Top Scorer Table is also looking White! They currently have 7 players in the top 10 for this groups weight loss! Reds have one, Yellows have two but one of them, Dan Mengham, is still top of the tree. How long before Whites take over? Can they? Will Dan make sure they can’t knock him off? We’ll see over the next month or so.

Other News - not much to report to be honest. The 11 a side is taking shape, the first friendly is agreed but we still have to book a pitch for it. We are thinking of playing it around the Reigate area, it will be against Leyton so that should be roughly half way between both groups. We will share costs. The date? Sunday 16th February so that will give us, hopefully, 6 training sessions. If we can’t train on the grass we can do it at Goals instead. Keep an aye on the Whassap page when we start training so you are aware if it is called off. I will remind you of this lots over the next few weeks lol.

Meeting - I see, and hear, a lot of you complain that you have been good with your food, noted everything down in your diaries, worked out in the gym but you’re not seeing any results? It could be that you are making one of these common fat burning mistakes. So many fitness enthusiasts tell the same story. They work out for hours in the gym and yet nothing happens to their body shape, it stays the same. There could be any number of possible explanations for that, but here are 7 of the worst fat burning mistakes that you should avoid.

Skipping breakfast, or lunch - You wouldn’t drive a car without fuel so why do you think your body can work without it? Your body needs fuel to function properly, if you don’t get something into your system before you work out, your workout won’t be as good. For some people, skipping breakfast can cause them to be more hungry and therefore eat more at lunch in order to compensate for the breakfast that was skipped, so ideally if you can eat when you rise in the morning then do so. Even if you don’t have time to eat breakfast first thing you could at least try and eat something convenient like a banana when on the move, such as during your morning commute.

Sticking to the same cardio workout - An extremely wise old owl came up with the phrase; ‘Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got’. The same is true of exercise. If you are one of those people who complain about the amount of exercise they do and the lack of change to your weight/body shape, it could be because you’re doing the wrong workout. So ditch the hours of the same cardio in favour of a mix of workouts, which could be a mixture of cardio, boxercise, aerobics, spin classes, other exercise classes and resistance training. You’ll be amazed at the difference just making a change like that can have. You’ll be mentally refreshed and your body will instantly be tested by new challenges.

Ignoring resistance or weight training – so many people shy away from weight training as they believe they will gain weight and muscle bulk. But the reality is that nothing burns more fat more efficiently than weight and resistance training. Because you are using so many muscles at the same time in conjunction with a variety of exercises, your body has to work extra hard to deliver oxygen to all of those muscles. That means you burn calories for fun both during and after the workout. Your metabolism will also get a kick in the behind as a result and the arrival of extra muscle tissue will also make your body produce more organelles, which also burn fat. Basically it’s win win on the fat burning stakes, which means you need to rush out and buy a kettlebell immediately!

Just doing the same exercises in isolation - This leads nicely into the next point which is about doing the same specific exercise over and over. Weight training uses tons of different muscles at the same time, which is why it’s so effective. But you can’t expect to get muscular arms or a six pack just by doing one exercise over and over again. To get arms to die for you need to be doing a variety of different weights from bicep curls to bench presses. The same is true of a six pack. Doing 50 sit ups a day will not give you a ripped stomach sadly because the muscles you use doing that exercise will get used to them. If however, you do a variety of things from press ups, to lunges, planks, crunches and kettlebell swings, you can say hello to a washboard stomach washboard.

Lifestyle overhaul - If you are launching yourself at a fat busting programme remember this has to come hand in hand with a healthy eating plan and a sensible lifestyle. You need to be sleeping, eating and thinking properly about your exercise and weight loss plan. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that three intense workouts a week will do the trick and that the weight will just fall off, because it won’t, especially if you’re living on a diet of chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks. Cut out all the things that are bad for you and cut back on high intake of carbohydrates and protein. But don’t cut them out altogether. A little bit of everything in moderation is fine, but keep an eye on what you’re eating and drinking, get lots of sleep and you will find you have more energy than you know what to do with. That excess energy can be channelled into your many and varied workouts and the weight and fat will fly off. Ask me for my WeightWatchers story, you will laugh at me I promise.

You’re skipping social media – you’re all internet savvy, you had to be to join MvF. So use social media. Not only can you research food alternatives, try out new recipes, new exercise clubs in your area such as running clubs etc but you can use your Whassap groups to motivate each other. Look at how the Whites are doing, my guess is that they are chatting all the time. Or you can just talk to each other if you’re have a down day. I think not enough of you use your Whassap properly. Take the mick, ask for help, post good days as well as bad in your group, let your mates know how you are doing. Struggling? Ask for help. Had a great day, tell the others about it.

Not eating whole grain foods - A difficult one to stick to but if you’re avoiding eating foods like pasta and bread because you think it will prevent you from losing weight, you’re making a fat burning mistake. According to the Whole Grains Council, eating whole grain foods (such as bread and pasta made using whole wheat) can not only help you to reduce your risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but they can also help you to lose weight. A study published in the Public Health Nutrition found that of 119,829 participants those that ate more whole grains per day (at least three servings) had lower BMIs and less abdominal fat than those participants who ate less than three servings of whole grain foods per day.

When you eat crap, you feel crap

Painfully true, this one. Eating junk food until it comes out of your ears is BRILLIANT at the time, we’re not going to lie, but do it often enough and it just makes you feel like shit – sluggish, bloated and tired.