Portsmouth 11/11/19

HERE WE GO! The new season is up and running and what an opening night it was. Great weight losses, new starters, surprise results on the pitch, surprise overall results! It all happened. So where do we start? Well, with the important stuff of course, the weight loss. It’s a shame not everyone attends registration night as it gives a false reading really. Some are weighing in for the first time, others are now starting on week 2. Doesn’t really matter I suppose, as long as the scales show a loss this week or next, who cares? So, top of this weeks leaderboard is MORGAN COLLIS who lost an amazing 3.8kg in week one. That is also a very impressive 3.30% of his body weight in one week. Let’s hope he keeps that up. Newcomer DEREK HILLS show an impressive start to his life with MvF with a whopping 3.3kg off, following closely behind is SIMON CLARKE with an impressive 3.1kg off. MATT COOK with 2.5kg just pips MICHAEL HOLMES who lost 2.4kg in week one. DAN MENGHAM loses 2.3kg this week, another newcomer JOSH LOCHLAN and last years big winner WILL PERRY both lose 1.7kg. Billy knows what it takes, I fully expect to see him up there challenging as the season progresses. BILLY RYDER drops another 1.5kg as does SEAN MASON Just getting onto the leaderboard are JACK FREEMANTLE who lost 1.1kg and CURTIS VICKERS who loses 1kg this week.

So overall a fantastic first week and one which I expect all of you will be wishing to carry on. It takes just a bit of willpower and determination to lose a kilo a week (that’s just 2.2lb) but if you keep it up you will be a stone lighter by Christmas Day. Now wouldn’t that be something? Don’t forget to remind the Mrs/kids/mum/boyfriend etc that you will need new clothes to be a size smaller this year.

On the pitch it was Blacks who led the way on the night with an 18 - 3 thumping of Blues. Blues lost two key players this week so they will need replacing, hopefully that won’t take long. I must mention Jack Freemantles goal here. If you missed it he had the ball on the edge of his own area, looked up and lofted a perfect shot into the far corner of the Blues goal. Writing about it doesn’t do it justice but I assure you it was a fantastic goal. Not to be outdone however, Darren Aylward hit a rocket of a shot into the corner of the Blacks goal giving the keeper absolutely no chance. The first game of the night saw Reds beat an under par Whites team by 7 -4. At one point the Whites broke away and were odds on to score and get back into the game but Jamie Davies made an outstanding save to keep his side ahead. His team were moving the ball around quickly and with confidence and really did deserve their win. Last up was Purples, missing several key players tonight through work and flu, against a Yellow side that looked purposeful and strong. How many times did I say over the last two season that Yellow just need to gel, get one or two players in that will make a difference? Well we saw it tonight, the guys who joined towards the end of last season really have taken the bull by the horns and they led their side to a convincing 10 - 4 win (I’ve written Bill in my notes so he must have scored a cracking goal or something but I can’t remember what. Sorry Billy!). HOWEVER, saying all that, pitch scores mean little if they are not backed up by the scales. The final scores that were submitted are:
Purple 7 - 12 Yellow (4 - 10 on the pitch)
Blue 5 - 22 Blacks ( 3 - 19 on the pitch)
White 10 - 10 Red (4 - 7 on the pitch)
Looking at the Whites v Red result you can see how important those scales are. And with many players likely to get their hat tricks in the next 2 or 3 weeks they do make a lot of difference. Plus it is great to see that every team scored bonus goals on the scales, but you need to do that every week.

MvF is supposed to be a weight loss club for men, with the added bonus of a game of football. But it seems to me, from day one that I was here, that we come in get weighed then just go play football. There is no other structure. We’re left to discuss weight loss among ourselves, to find new recipes and ideas by ourselves, to encourage our team mates by ourselves, to go to the MvF website and work it out for ourselves, to motivate ourselves. Martin and I want to make this the most successful MvF league we can, we want you guys to all lose weight and of course we want every one of you to hit your 5% minimum. It can be done but we can’t do it for you although we can help. So I ask this of you. If you could always be weighed in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled kick off time it give us a chance to have a mini meeting with you. Nothing heavy, just a mention of the best weight losses, some information and motivation, that sort of thing. Only 5 - 10 minutes, we will do our bit to point you in the right direction, offer advice and encouragement. So you are not doing this by yourself, you will have not only us but also your team mates and of course everyone else at Portsmouth MvF to help you. Now we do know that sometimes (especially the 6.30 KO) that you might not be able to get there early but if you could do it as often as you can it will help everyone. And you never know, something you do or say might make someone else think… Then the plan is for Martin to take both teams out for a 5 or so minute warm up. We noticed several injuries recently just as the cold weather set in, mostly this is down to people not warming up properly. Standing there kicking the ball around and a couple of half hearted static stretches aren’t enough so Martin will get you stretched out properly, get your heart rate elevated slightly and get you ready to play football. After all, isn’t that why you’re here?


It’s incredibly daunting to know that you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, and you may fall into the trap of looking on enviously (usually on social media) at others who seem to be quickly and effortlessly losing weight. Well, mind your own business and focus on yourself. And know that even if you feel like your weight loss is slow going, it’s more than you were doing, and that is something to be celebrated.