Portsmouth 13/01 - week 8

I’m sure a few of you will have a different opinion when I say this, but it looks like being Yellows season. Their win over a depleted Blacks team sees them edge ever closer to the title with only one more win needed to clinch the title. With the incessant rain and gale blowing across the pitch the games went pretty much as expected with some excellent football being played despite the conditions.

Red 8 - 7 Blue - the end result was a lot closer than the pitch score of 8 - 3. The Blues put up a good fight and were unlucky not to nick the result on the scales but another MoM performance from Paul Sheen was just enough to see the Reds get the win.

White 5 - 22 Purple - a 16 - 0 trouncing on the pitch was copied of the pitch after the weights were added in with the Purple team also winning that match up. The Whites were missing three influential players and just could not find a way past makeshift goalkeeper Billy Ryder who kept a clean sheet (take note Dan Brown) to earn himself the MoM nomination.

Black 11- 18 Yellow - just one goal separated these two at the end of the match, 10 - 11 so the Yellows needed the scales to make sure of their win. An end to end game saw both goalkeepers make mistakes to keep letting the other team in and it took yet another MoM performance from Paul Wingate to edge his Yellow team ahead.

On the Scales we had some decent results after the first week back. Star man this week, and well deserved with a result like this, is Chris Douse who drops a whopping 3.6kg! If I could swear here Chris I would! Brilliant going man, brilliant. And that was double the weight loss of the next best person, Ben Bashforth who lost 1.8kg.Tom Campbell-Adams gets his first mention in a while with a 1.7kg loss and he is matched by Thomas West who also lost 1.7kg. Olly Saunders put in a lot of hard work this week to lose 1.6kg. Scott Watt followed closely with 1.5kg off, John Chandler lost 1.2kg and Will Perry gets back to his losing ways with 1.1kg gone. Forever maybe?

Whilst Yellows are top of the football table the all important Weight Loss league still sees Whites out in front, but only just. The Yellows could be on course for a clean sweep, something I don’t think I have ever seen in my time at ManvFat. Sitting just one point behind Whites this one is going to the wire and a concerted effort by both teams is required if they are to be the top weight loss side. Can Scott or Morgan motivate their team enough? Do the players need motivating to be winners? Two weeks fellahs, two weeks is all you have got. Put the effort in, eat sensibly, work out more, don’t be the one who doesn’t add to your teams score next week.

As for the Biggest Losers table, after my remarks about the Whites losing it last week they have hit back, maybe they are motivated after all. 5 of their team are now in the top 10 but it is still Yellow man Dan Mengham leading the way and so far he is the only man to hit his 5%. It looks like Dan Todd will soon join him but no one else is really close, unless someone wants to prove me wrong with just a few weeks to go?

Meeting - again we didn’t have one. But we will next week, or at least I will prepare for one, if you want it. Here’s is a summary of what I was going to go over last week, it is about shedding pounds after Christmas. And after talking to several of you last night it still seems to be valid.

1 Give away leftover treats
After feasting for nearly two weeks, it can be hard to stop eating; especially if you still have too many treats lying around. When people come over for Christmas they tend to be laden with gifts and the odd food-based present. Inevitably, not all of the food items you bought or were given will be eaten come January the first.
And with all of those Christmas goodies still in the cupboard you’ll find it that much harder to stick to your new healthy eating regime. Rather than keep all of that extra food why not continue the Christmas cheer and pack up the food into a hamper or basket and give someone you know a treat. Or give the hamper to a worthy cause. This will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

2 Drink water
For the majority of us, Christmas is spent nibbling cookies, cakes and all sorts of other unhealthy food. Therefore, once the festive season ends our bodies are filled with harmful toxins. To flush out these substances, drink lots of water.
If you don’t like drinking water or struggle to guzzle lots, then here are some tricks to help you drink more. Firstly, you could invest in a drinking glass that you really like. Or you could attach elastic bands to your water bottle. Every time you drink a bottle’s worth of water you can remove one of the bands. If you dislike the taste of water, try decaffeinated iced tea or add some squeezed lemon juice to turn plain water into a refreshing, zingy drink. Try something new.

3 Make plans
After Christmas most of us struggle to shed post-Christmas pounds because we are bored. January signals a time for cutting back and staying in, so that we can address our finances and save a little money. Yet after all the glitz and fun of December, staying in becomes hard and we often find ourselves bored and low. Consequently, most of us tend to indulge in a little comfort eating. This is terrible news for your resolution to shed that Christmas weight.
To combat the boredom and post-Christmas blues you need to plan some fun, cheap activities. You could volunteer at a youth centre, enter a fun run event or arrange to meet up with friends and go on a long walk somewhere interesting. There are many places near Portsmouth to go, ask me for some if you can’t think of any.

4 Protein
Want to kick your sluggish post-Christmas metabolism into life to shed those post-Christmas pounds? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that protein is the solution to your metabolism issues. For breakfast eat around 10 to 15 grams (0.35oz to to 0.53 oz) of protein in order to get your metabolism into gear at the start of the day. An egg on toast or some low-fat yogurt with honey and nuts is a great breakfast if you want to shed that Christmas weight.
After your busy day, half an hour before you go to sleep you should eat another protein heavy snack. This time you could choose a small protein shake or some cottage cheese with berries and honey. Eating protein before bed will help to increase your metabolism when you are asleep.

5 Light a candle
Over Christmas we consume a shocking amount of sugar. Therefore, when we come to shed post-Christmas weight our blood sugar levels are unstable, which can cause us to crave sugary, unhealthy snacks. If you want to beat these cravings one trick is to light a vanilla candle.
A study at St George’s Hospital in London found that vanilla-scented patches significantly reduced participants’ appetite for sweet foods and drinks. It is believed that this is because the smell of vanilla can help to suppress sweet cravings. This January, make sure you have a stock of vanilla scented candles in your cupboard and light one when you have an urge for something sweet.