Portsmouth 20/05/19

Another pretty poor week for weight loss tonight with every team except one having at least 3 people who put weight on this week. However, there were some pretty good scores too. Coming out on top this week (although this is a two week weigh in) is purples Chris Dunne who lost a whopping 7kg. Yellows captain Rob Ballard leads from the front for his team and he may argue that his 2.9kg loss should give him top spot, I’ll let them two argue it out between themselves. Both players deserve huge pats on the back though for what they have achieved. A smashing 2.4kg loss sees whites goalkeeper John Hookey get another mention this week and team mate James Peasley pops in with a 2.1kg loss. Also on the whites side is another captain leading by example and Morgan Collis loss of 1.3kg gets him into the forum write up. The only other person to lose over 1kg was reds player Jamie Davies who dropped another 1.5kg off his frame. It’s been a poor week on the scales as I said but you guys are showing that it can be done, a little bit of self determination and belief in what you are doing is proof that you can achieve it if you want it. Disappointingly, the Blues had two players that lost 1kg between them, the other 4 that weighed in tonight put on 3.4kg! Come on Blues, you can do better than that but you have to want to do it, it doesn’t just happen. On the other hand - whites! What have you guys been doing? 3 players lost a collective 5.8kg, with the team as a whole losing 6.9kg, only 1 player put on this week (and you know who you are lol). Fantastic going lads, absolutely fantastic.

On the pitch things, once again, went as form and expectations predicted. First up was Blues v Whites and second placed Whites didn’t disappoint with an easy 18 - 5 win. First placed Purples then faced third placed Blacks who really though they could be the first ones to pop the Purples bubble this season. Despite Blacks going ahead early in the game it was the Purples who came out on top of a feisty match once Callum Richards had found his shooting boots with a 12 - 4 victory. Last up was the only game I got to watch this evening, Yellows v Red. Yellows, chasing their second win of the season raced into the lead with some excellent football but the Reds kept chasing and eventually their passing and moving off the ball began to pay off. The final score of 11 - 4 to Reds doesn’t do any justification to the Yellows who put in a terrific performance only to find it was just not enough. I did see goal of the season though. A loose ball spun into the air and as it came down, Paul Sheen, from 3 yards inside his own half, hit one of the sweetest left foot volleys you will ever see, the ball travelled like a missile at crossbar height towards the goal and dipped at just the last second to go into the goal. Honestly, no write up will ever do it justice.