Portsmouth 22 July 2019

What a first week that has turned out to be. There are some amazing first week losses, and influx of new players and some levelling out of the playing field.

Last seasons all conquering double winners started off as they ended last season, with another emphatic win this time over a Blues team struggling for players during the holiday season. I didn’t get to see the whole match, I caught the first 10 minutes and when I went back inside the Blues were more than holding their own, they were 2 -1 up! But the final score of 11 - 3 tells a different story, it seems that once Purples hit their stride their was no stopping them. Next up were last seasons bottom two teams and in an entertaining match it was the Reds team that eventually conquered, winning 8 - 5 against the Yellows, who, as I said last season, will be a team to be reckoned with once they start to click. For any Yellows reading this, in my first season as Captain of the Yellows we were a shambles but in the second season, with the same players, we won the league. It can be done if you just tweak the right players and positions. I’ll let you work that out. Final game saw second v third from last year with the Whites trouncing a very poor Blacks side 12 - 2. Or maybe it was a commanding Whites performance, who knows? I made my thoughts clear at the time, sorry to those that heard it.

On the scales there were some AMAZING performances with some AWESOME losses. Top of the pile is Blues newcomer Neil Remnant who starts his journey with a loss of 4.7kg. That is already over 3.6% of his overall body weight gone in one week! Hot on his heels is Whites John Hookey with a 4.4kg loss. These two are .01% apart at the top of the leaderboard, it looks like this might be a long running tight battle. Purples man Chris Douse lost 2.9KG, along with team mates Mark Eames (1.2kg) and Luke Diaper (1.3kg). Leading the Blues charge behind Neil is Harvey Thomas with 2.4kg off followed by Darren Aylward on 1.6kg. Yellows also had some good scores Scott Watt top of their board with a massive 2.8kg gone and Mike Swain with another massive loss, 2.6kg. Ashley Rimmer with 1.3 kg off and Garry Banks lost 1.1kg hold up their end of the bargain. Reds only had three players that lost in week one, but all three get a mention. Sean Mason leads with a 2.4kg loss, Glynn Curtis loses 1.7kg and Xander drops another 1.2kg off his bulk. The Whites lead the way overall with all 8 players registering a loss in the first week back. John has been mentioned, Simon Grant loses 2kg, Morgan Collis loses 1.6kg and James Peasley gets the final mention for his team with a 1.2kg loss. Finally the Blacks get their mention. Martin McGurk is currently injured so to start off with a 1.4kg loss is amazing otherwise only Phil Knowler gets recorded here, with a 1kg loss.

That is a phenomenal start to the season, we know it is swings and roundabouts and good times will be followed by not so good but if we all keep trying, keep to it and up our exercise a little we can all be in for a shout as the BIGGEST LOSER.