Portsmouth 25/11/19

First off, apologies. I did a write up for last week but for some reason it hasn’t appeared on this forum. I no longer have a copy so I can’t repost it. Fair to say it was a masterpiece of writing, a pure delight to read. And it mentioned all the top losers as well as the scores on the night (Black 5 - 6 Purple. Red 6 - 15 Yellow. White 8 - 9 Blue), as you can see there were some very tight games so well played to all teams. Ah, I think I just found last weeks losers list. I hope this is right. John Hookey - 3.2kg. Dan Todd - 2.7kg. Luke Brison - 2.6kg. Jon Bradley - 1.9kg. Sean Montague - 1.8kg. Thomas West - 1.8kg. David Mitchell - 1.6kg. Paul Wingate - 1.4kg. Wade Reid - 1.4kg. Darren Aylward - 1.4kg. James Peasley - 1.4kg. Mac Doyle - 1.2kg.
That’s 12 people losing over 1kg in one week, we need to keep that ratio going lads.

Right on to Monday 25/11.
Again, some very tight matches were played on the pitch. The guys who joined towards the end of last season and those who have joined us this season have already bedded in well and are showing that they can improve the teams they have joined. We didn’t lose too many people after last season so we are looking quite healthy numbers wise. I know Reds had a problem this week with only 6 players available, that is why we have squads of 10. For those weeks when you are short but the flip side is that if everyone turns up you get less game time. As you are all aware, we will be looking to become a 5 a side league next season with 2 new teams added but if everyone turns up you will still have 4 subs. I’m sure we will work it out though.

Blue 11 - 8 Red - it was a very tight game until the final few minutes when, due to a lack of subs, the Reds legs just ran out and they couldn’t keep up. They tried as best they could but if that one extra player was there it could have made a difference. The final score after adjustments was 17 - 12 showing that those extra goals do count.
Purple 6 - 6 White - the white team had lost their way a bit recently but were obviously in a determined mood to get things back on track. In a cracking game of football in which both teams led and were losing the Whites scored with the last kick of the game to gain a 6 - 6 draw. But as often happens, the final result was decided on the scales and the Whites have shown once again that they all know how important it is to lose weight. And the final score of 9 - 16 proves that they are doing exactly that.
Yellow - 6 - 4 Black - another great game of football in which both teams gave their all on the pitch. The Yellows new players have bedded in really well and they are turning into a formidable side having won all 3 games this season. With both sides scoring 4 bonus goals it shows that sometimes you do have to also do it on the pitch.

The all important weight loss is looking good too. Maybe not as good as last weeks amazing 12 losers but we still had 9 losers to mention with several bubbling just under. Leading the way this week is Olly Saunders of Whites with a brilliant 3.3kg off. Blacks captain strong textDan Brennan claims a diet of McDonalds last week has contributed to a superb 2.8kg off (only he knows how and I wouldn’t recommend trying it).Another team captain, Scott Watt of Yellows pops up with 2.7kg gone, and Blues top man is Joey Cookson who lost 2.3kg. Paul Sheen (Reds), Dan Brown (Purples) and Morgan Collis (Whites) all lose 1.5kg this week, Blues Harvey Thomas loses 1.2kg and Yellows Dan Mengham loses 1.1kg this week.

So overall another decent week and every team got someone in the listings, that is great going guys. Hopefully next week we will get another two names added to the list.

11 a side - we have been challenged by Brighton now so we are well on the way to getting a few games sorted. They will not happen until the New Year obviously but we are starting training this week. We meet at Farlington pitches at 1.30 pm for a 2.00pm start. We will sort out what we are doing when we see how many actually make it. It is something you guys wanted so hopefully there will be a big attendance. With games v Milton Keynes and Dads v Dads in the pipeline this could become regular thing. This week is on grass so I would suggest boots instead of trainers or you will be slipping all over the place.

Meeting - was a bit shit on Monday, sorry. I wasn’t well prepared for it but I will learn from that and get it right soon. The general points were to ask why you are here? To lose weight obviously, but why? To be able to play with your kids? To live long enough to see your grandkids play? Find stylish clothes that fit? Feel good about yourself? Health reasons? To see your feet? We all have different reasons for it so how do we do it? Obviously more calories out than in. but it’s not that easy. Someone once said “Losing weight is hard. Being fat is harder, you choose which hard you want to live with” and when I said this there were lots of heads nodding in agreement. But don’t think it all has to fall off tomorrow, or even consistently every week. There will be weeks it doesn’t happen for you but as long as you keep the 4 S’s in mind, Slow, Sensible and Sustainable Swaps, you will do it. If you do find you are struggling, find a new activity that you enjoy. Tennis, running, badminton, rock climbing, hang gliding! And find someone to do it with, that makes it more enjoyable and on those days you really don’t feel like it you will still go. But, whatever your reason for losing weight, write it down on a piece of paper. Take everything off the fridge door and post your reason there so you will see it every time you are mooching for food. Motivate yourself.


All too often we see people give up on their weight loss goals when they’ve hit a blip. I’m sure you know what we’re talking about – having a crisis because you’ve had an unplanned binge, or missed a few too many workouts. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. It ain’t over until you say it’s over and one mistake, one bad day, one calorie heavy meal can be undone