Portsmouth 5th August 2019

Another amazing night for weight loss with several great performances on the scales again. To start with, step up Purples man LESLIE BUCK who has lost an amazing 4.5kg this week. That is an outstanding performance Les and you deserve all the credit that come your way. Great stuff mate, I hope you can keep that going. Blues top man Neil Remnant weighs in with his third loss of over two kg in as many weeks, and to get his hat trick he lost another 2.7kg putting him well and truly into the 5% bracket. Two players lost 2.4kg, yours truly Phil Knowler (and it was witnessed by another player) and new member Will Perry who was very pleased with his first weigh in. It’s all that football on Sunday Will eh? Another Purples player, Stuart Cooper, loses 1.7kg and team mate Chris Douse loses 1.6kg. James Peasley gets his Whites team on the loserboard with a 1.5kg loss, Paul Sheen of Reds drops 1.4kg, Yellows goalie Tom Campbell-Adams loses 1.3kg and two players get a mention, only just, by losing 1.0kg each. They are Blacks man Gareth Ireson and another Reds player, Sean Montague. That is at least one player from each team on the 1kg+ loserboard, can the teams with only one player make it two of them next week?

On the pitch there was some fun, laughter, great goals (who saw my volley? I wasn’t trying to control it, honest!), super saves and lots of honest endeavour out there on a hot sticky Monday night. First up was Blacks v Yellows for whom Will Perry made a goalscoring debut. With the return of Mac Doyle from holiday though the Blacks were expectant of a comfortable win but the game was close until the Blacks finally managed to get a couple of goals ahead and from then it was pretty straightforward as their 13 - 4 win shows. Kudos to Yellows though, they never stopped chasing the ball and with a little more luck on the night they might have scored a few more goals to keep the scores level. It’s a confidence thing Yellows, keep your shape, keep believing in yourselves and it will come good for you, the players are there as I keep saying. Second game was the eagerly awaited 1st (Whites) v 2nd (Purples) match and it didn’t disappoint. I only saw a few minutes but I did see Joe Brown get the ball on the edge of his area and steam past three challenges down the left wing before smashing a shot past poor John in the Whites goal. The rest of the game may have been similar as the final score of 15 - 6 to Purples suggests. Last up were Blues v Reds. BLues are leading the way in the most important league of all, the Scales league, but are bottom of the football league and this 16 - 5 defeat did them no good at all. New player Mark Bannon marked his debut with a goal and he looks a good prospect, with the return of a couple of players from their holidays thing will change for them. The Reds did look comfortable in this game all through though and were worthy winners on the night. If they could just get the weight loss working for them (3 players put on this week :frowning_face:) and score a few more goals that way they will be challenging the top teams.

Getting back to Les and his 4.5kg loss this week, I did check and he has still got two legs, two arms and a head so he hasn’t sold any limbs parts as far as I can see. So how did he do it? Quite simply, portion sizes. All he’s done (so he claims but there are counter claims being made lol) is control his portion sizes. It’s something we can all do, very easily, but we all like to pile as much as we can on our plates and we then scoff it all. You don’t? Look at the last time you went to a buffet meal, did you stop at one plate? Did you stop eating that Chinese when you were full or did it taste so good you just kept piling it in? Did you buy two bars of chocolate for £1 and eat only one? Did that family size pack of crisps last more than one sitting? Be honest with yourselves and I bet some of those examples are true. They apply to all of us, part of the reason we are here is because we don’t control things and we do let them get the better of us. If you can get your portion sizes under control you are going a long way towards helping yourself. From a personal point of view, if we used to order an Indian takeaway we would have a curry each, I would eat all mine then finish off the Mrs! Not anymore, we get one between us and it really is enough. Once you are full you are eating because you enjoy the taste, not because you are hungry. It is a hard habit to change but if you can conquer it…