Portsmouth S3 W9 - DougNuts emerge as league favourites



The penultimate games in this seasons league saw the equivalent of a 5th v 6th, 3rd v 4th and 1st v 2nd play off with many thoughts that this week will decide the league title.

In our tightest week of fixtures yet saw Patrik Berger and Chips secured their first win of the season with a narrow 12-11 win over Ham Saladice who were unlucky not to get more of a result from the game. OB-City vs Balotellitubbies did all to prove that weight loss and your scores on the scales really do make a difference, where they overturned a loss on the pitch to a 13-10 victory with their fantastic weigh in this week. Our final game saw the top two Six Pack vs DoughNuts County face off in what many saw as winners take all. With likely the closest contested game since the Portsmouth league began we finished with a pitch score of 6-6, where DougNuts pipped Six Pack to the post with an overall 8-7 victory. A fantastic victory but DoughNuts County face Balotellitubbies in their final league game of the season, which is no means an easy feat.

As mentioned earlier this week it’s important for us all to ensure our focus is on weight loss, and I’ve found a few helpful bits I’d recommend you read over the next week.

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Finally, our team of amazing losers for the week. Congrats guys!