Portsmouth S4 W11



Our first week of cup fixtures saw some incredibly close scores, and possibly our closest week of fixtures yet, where fortunately for some teams results on the scales really made the difference to help them win their game. Congrats to Chicken Tikka Mo Salah, Funky Droppers and The Blues for all securing your points during the first round of cup fixtures.

It’s come to my attention that a lot of you are getting some niggles and are struggling a little bit with injuries, can we all make sure that we’re warming up (not just smashing the ball at the goals) and warming down. Warm dons can consist of some light stretches on your core muscle groups. I know it’s getting cold so if the weather is rubbish and you end up shooting straight home, make sure you do some light stretches as soon as you get into the house.

A lot of you are really upping the amount of exercise that you are doing every week, so I’d really recommend trying to stretch every day. Even if just before you get into/out of bed, whilst watching tv or waiting for a meal to cook, getting stretches in will really help you see a difference.

If you’re struggling to know how to stretch, as me when you see me, google some stretches or something that I’d really advise (and I’m so ashamed that I’ve grown to love it!) is yoga. Not only does it stretch your muscles, but it also helps to strengthen them too which will prevent any niggly injuries. I do a 10 minute one twice a week, where I’ve really noticed a difference and it takes next to no time to do!

Below are some links to exercises which I’d recommend you all trying whether it’s something you’ve suffered from or not. These are muscle groups which seem to be common with you guys.

I’m going to remind you about changes to our league (and every league) from today.

If you cannot attend a session please make sure you let your captains know. Captains can you please send me 1 list of all players that have told you they cannot attend. If someone hasn’t let you know, don’t add them to the list as I won’t be able to complete the follow up procedure.

Google Meet - This is a jazzy new procedure that I’ll be on for any questions on the weekly. We can use this as a catch up, and work together to help your weightloss journey, answer any questions, search for answers if there’s something I’m not sure on etc. I’ll post in the What’sapp group, and chat with you guys tonight to see what kind of day/time will be the best.

There will be changes to the what’sapp groups, where there will now only be 2 official groups.
There will be a group with myself and captains/vice-captains. This group should be used to filter questions from players (those that are not suitable for football@manvfat.com) and to communicate absences on or before match day.

And a league broadcast group which only myself and and Nadim from MAN v FAT will be able to post in.

I’d encourage you all to continue your team groups - where this is the best way to check in with each other. But also really use these groups as a way to find a way to work together to help and support each other.

Remember that questions, complaints etc can be directed at football@manvfat.com or 0845 163 0042. Payment queries can be directed to payments@manvfat.com. Further support around physical activity or nutrition can be found on our forum, specifically Ask a PT anything orhttps://talk.manvfat.com/t/ask-a-qualified-dietitian-anything/26770 .

Changes to getting rewards from your books:
On arrival at the scales each player will need to present their player handbook or progress dashboard with their weekly food and drink and activity elements filled in.
The new scoring system is as follows:
1, 2, 3 players successfully tracking = 1 Goal

4, 5, 6 players successfully tracking = 2 Goals

7 + players successfully tracking = 3 Goals

See you all tonight!!