Portsmouth S4 W5

Our fifth week of the season saw the most goals scored on the scales so far this season with a total of 21 goals being recorded. We had scores for teams as high as 6 goals on the scales, so make sure as a team you’re working really hard on scoring in this format too as it really is becoming the difference between winning and losing. Congratulations to current league leaders Funky Droppers and the close chasing pack of Chicken Tikka Masala and Neymar Burgers for winning their games this week.

This week the challenge in your handbooks is to find some new recipes you’d like to try. Check out the links below to find some new recipes and to learn about cooking ahead.

Comment below or on the whatsapp with your fav recipes.

Finally congrats to all of you who have made our amazing losers team of the week. Who will be on it next week?