Portsmouth Season 4 - What's happening so far?



Season 4 has seen quite a shake up in the league - with the announcement of all teams getting mixed up and starting from scratch at the moment Mondays are full of teams trying to gel and work out their tactics for the season. Where on top of the weight loss the challenge of remembering everyones/our own team names is proving difficult!

Although we’re only 2 weeks into the season I think it’s safe to say that World Cup fever really had an affect, where our diets, and bank accounts, hadn’t been prepared for England to do quite so well! However, despite this through making small changes it’s clear to see that it’s benefitting an awful lot of you with the brilliant weight loss we’ve had since the start of the 4th season.

Funky Droppers and Chicken Tikka Mo Salah seem to have emerged as early favourites for the league - although it doesn’t mean much with still so much football left to be player, and with weight to be lost. Other teams maybe have fallen victim of receiving new players after the registration night so were unable to record weight loss scores.

Last week your books gave you the challenge of writing your goals. If you’re still not sure check out this thread and try and find out your ‘why’. You’ll probably find some like minded individuals and find you’re really not alone!

Today in the Whats’App group you’ve been a food related challenge. Why don’t you try something new with one of these recipes?

Also, we’ve had so many new guys join, please take the time to read this to really help you get that extra bit of motivation. To the guys that have been here a while, I’d advise you giving it a read too!

Finally, Amazing Losers for the first two weeks are:

Congratulations to you all, keep up the good work. Who will make it on here next week?!