Portsmouth - season 7 over

Final honours for the season.
Pitch winners - Purples
Scale winners - Whites
Weight and Goals winners - Purples
Cup Winners - Blacks

BUT, it’s all about the weight loss so let’s give the biggest accolades of all.
A HUGE congratulations to yellows man

Will Perry.

I think Will joined us in week 2 or 3 of this season but since then has shown that a little desire to win his battle of the bulge has seen him lose a total of 11.26% of his original start weight. This man always seems to have a smile on his face, now we know why! This is exactly the sort of result that YOU can get if you want it. Another one over 10% is

Ben Saxton

of Blacks. Sadly, due to work commitments, we have to say goodbye to Ben, he joined us, he made friends, he was always positive, bright and bubbly around the place and he gave it a serious effort right at the end. A final two week push saw him rewarded with a whopping 10.10% loss. It’s never easy to lose weight but these two guys have shown dedication and commitment to do what they have done.

Other honourable mentions at the end of this season are
John Hookey (whites) 6.96%
Carl Witts (whites) 5.75%
Neil Remnant (blues) 5.68%
Mark Bannon (blues) 5.35%

So a huge well done to all you guys, the reason you are here is to lose weight and to lose %5 of your body weight in 14 weeks or less is no mean feat.

Just bubbling under the 5% but worthy of a mention are Sean Montague (red) on 4.83% and Olly Saunders (white). Now, if Olly didn’t put on 6.8kg in one week (yes, 6.8kg!) he would have reached his 5% but even so, 4.17% is still a great effort.

So well done to everyone who got a mention in the final write up of the season, you deserve it guys. And if you aren’t, mentioned, why bloody not? It can be done, MvF give us all the tools we need to do it, Martin (and myself) are on hand to offer advice when needed. Don’t be afraid to ask, we are there to help you on your journey. I know a lot of you enjoy the extra hour football on Sundays but we could do much, much more. Ideas are tumbling out of my head, I’ll discuss them with you at the next session.

The final weigh in of the season saw several big losers this week. Dan Mengham (yellow) lost 2…3kg. If he had joined us earlier in the season he may well have hit his 5%. Darren Aylward (blue) weighed in 1.8kg less than last week, Luke Harbert (yellow) lost 1.4kg. Olly Saunders (white) lost 1.3kg. Joey Cookson (blue) loses 1.2kg. for the final week that is a great effort fellahs.

On the pitch, Monday was pretty much a dead rubber but it was good to see that only two teams needed ringers. Earlier in the season there were 4 or 5 teams needing help but we seem to have got the number of players up and this is obviously helping. Also, the quality of players who have come in have enhanced the teams they have joined, next season will be a lot closer than this one. The only game that really mattered on Monday was the Cup Final between Blacks and Blues. Blacks could only muster 6 players whereas Blues had several subs, this isn’t always helpful as the shape of the side keeps changing, people come on and aren’t sure of their position and it disrupts them. Which is what happened on Monday. The game started off very tightly with both sides keeping to their game plan but as the subs came and went Blue lost it a bit and Blacks took take advantage. On the pitch the actual score was 7 - 4 to Black, as I said it was a tight game. However, Blacks already had a hat trick and a 10% player in their side, that advantage before kickoff saw the final score 14 - 7. Those scales do make a big difference. In the other game Purples trounced the Whites (who fielded a full side despite having 4 players missing) 15 - 3 on the pitch (22 - 5 after adjustments) and in the final game Reds v Yellows, the score was 5 - 4 to Reds. BUT, 14 - 6 after adjustments. What a result on the scales!

Finally, wondering why, when you eat little, you still don’t lose bulk?


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