Portsmouth Season 7 Week 12

Think it’s week 12 anyway. I’ve been missing for a few weeks, you all know why by now and I am on the road to recovery but won’t be playing for about 6 months. I’ll still be there at weigh in though so you don’t get rid of me yet. But enough of me, what about you?

Well, quite a few players get a mention this week. Top of the leaderboard is Yellows newcomer Wade Reid with an impressive 2.5kg in his first full week. Mike Holmes of Whites follows closely with a 2.3kg loss, and Yellows other newcomer, Dan Mengham loses 2.1kg. To all three of you I say that is some good going, very well done. To lose over 2kg in a week shows some dedication and self motivation, something we all could do with. Others to get a mention are Blacks Ben Saxton. Ben lost 1.8kg this week to finally put himself into double figures on the scales. Fantastic Ben, keep the good work up man and DO NOT go back over 100kg. Simon Clarke of Whites lost 1,7kg and Mac Doyle of Blacks lost a very welcome 1.6kg. Blues Mark Bannon keeps up his consistent weight loss with a 1.1kg off and finally we have another Yellows player, Ashley Rimmer, who was surprised to lose 1kg.

On the pitch it was week 2 of the Cup Competition. In week one there were wins for Blues, Blacks and Whites (after add ons). This week the on the pitch results are Blues v Reds where Blues ran out 10 - 5 winners. Next we saw Purples beat Whites 10 - 4 and finally Blacks overcame Yellows 13 - 6 despite borrowing a player. This means that Blue and Black have won 2 games each, Purples and Whites one game each and Yellows and Reds yet to register a win. No one seems to know how the Cup Competition works so this is only guesswork but we (several players and myself) think that next week will be interesting with Blacks playing Whites needing a win to make the final and Blues will be playing Purples with both sides looking to win to make the final. If anyone KNOWS any different please let us know.