Portsmouth Season 7 Week 13

This is a little later than usual this week guys. Sorry about that but to be honest, there isn’t really much to write about.
On the scales we have 6 losers to mention. Best result of the week goes to Paul Sheen of Reds who recorded a great loss of 2.5kg (that’s just over 5lb so when you see it like that, phenomenal!). He was closely followed by team mate Dan Davies who lost 2.3kg. Two players came very close to matching his result, Dan Mengham of Yellows and Olly Saunders of Whites both lost 2.2kg. We also had two players lose 1.6kg each. Luke Diaper of Purples and Wade Reid of Yellows. Those are very good weight losses at this end of the season, by now people are either very motivated to get to the next level or they are already looking ahead to next season so they are relaxed as they have either hit their personal target or are nowhere near it so don’t care. It’s that attitude that we all need to overcome, ManvFat is not a 12 week programme then have two or three weeks off, it’s 14 weeks of dedication and desire, self motivation, belief that this week, the weigh in coming up, is going to be the best one yet. Giving up with a few weeks to go means that you will struggle for the start of next season, the habits you have formed over the past 3 months will need to be re-trained into your mind. But keeping going will see you continually lose weight, it might be slow but it’s getting there.

On the pitch we started with a close fought battle between Yellows and Reds. Yellows have several new players now, some of them look really comfortable on the ball and next season (I’ve said this all season) they will kick on and start winning. The two new players slotted in well but couldn’t prevent their new team falling to a 4 - 7 defeat. As they get used to the pace of the game they will improve the team, I guarantee that. After the result were entered into the computer though the official final score was 10 - 10 which goes to show that those hat tricks, trackers and own goals do make a difference. I’m not sure who got them but Reds had three own goals against them, that cost them the win. Next up was Blacks v Whites. Blacks ,on the back of two successive cup wins were confident of making it three and getting to the final but Whites could have made it if they got a handsome win. As it was, Blacks ran out comfortable 11 - 5 winners despite playing goalkeeper Dan Brennan out on pitch for half the game. However, the final official score of 13 - 12 shows just how close it was, those extra goals really do count. Last up for the evening was Blues v Purples. Missing Joe Brown and Les Buck for the night it looked as if Purples might struggle but a fantastic effort from the whole team saw them to a 7 - 4 win. Once again the scales/books/trackers etc altered the score but not the result, giving Purples a 10 - 6. win.

The season has seen some very good football played at times, some cracking goals and saves, great banter, laughs, jokes, fun, encouragement and camaraderie between ALL the players (except John and Luke but that blew over almost as quickly as it started lol, they’re friends now. I hope). Seriously, it has been a great season so far, lots of new players have come in and some of them have proved to be very capable footballers and have enhanced the teams they have joined. It’s been a pleasure to watch sometimes.

What is also very pleasing is the number of players who have lost over 5% of their body weight in just tone season. Will Parry, John Hookey, Carl Witts, Ben Saxton, Neil Remnant, Simon Grant and Mark Bannon so far, with Sean Montague Close on 4.83% with one week to go. Those guys don’t know how inspirational they are, and it shows that if you want it to work, it will. Those 8 guys have shown determination and motivation and desire to get where they are. They have done it because they want it.

I’ve been asked so here it is.

How does the weight loss goal bonuses work?

Players must weigh BEFORE the game. If a player weighs after the game then they can get their weight but it will be recorded as a no-show (weight entered the same as last week’s) for the purposes of scoring – there are no exceptions for this.

Weigh in goal bonuses. Players can SCORE weight loss goal bonuses in three ways:

• Scoring Hatricks - three weeks of weight loss = one goal bonus given on the week it is achieved. This is taken from your lowest reading - e.g. if you weigh at 103, then go on holiday and go up to 106, then your weight loss bonus will start again at under 103, not 106. Another three weeks is another hatrick = one goal bonus. In total you can gain up to four bonus goals for your team in any one league this way.

• Team bonus – we count the number of players on your team who have lost weight in the current week and add a goal bonus:

1 or 2 players from your team losing = 1 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game.
3 or 4 = 2 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
5 or 6 = 3 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
7 or 8 = 4 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
9/10/11 = 5 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game

• 5% and 10% bonus - once a player hits 5% weight loss they get a three goal bonus. At 10% they get another three goal bonus.

Weight loss punishment. A player can LOSE a goal for his team in two ways:

  • MAN v FAT Football Player Handbook. This handbook is used to record a player’s own progress but also to ensure that he is filling in the information for each week. If he loses his Handbook or it is not filled in then the Coach can give the player his weight for his own records but it will be recorded as a no-show (e.g. weight is given as the same as last week’s and therefore no loss is recorded).
  • Own goal – a player whose weight goes above his registration weight will lose his team a goal for each week until this returns under the starting weight.