Portsmouth Season 7 Week 5

I’m being busy today catching up with three weeks worth of blogs lol. I have lost my notes from this week so this will be short.

On the overall (weight and pitch) results the Reds narrowly lost out 13 - 12 to Whites, The Yellows got a rare win by beating Blues by 12 - 10 but the result of the night saw Purples romp home 15 - 5 against a poor Blacks side. The Purples were obviously reeling from last weeks points deduction and went out to prove a point, and prove it they did. In fact, the pitch score was 9 -0 to Purples so their goalkeeper Dan Brown has asked me to mention that he kept a clean sheet in 5 a side. And he deserves it too, I have played 5 a side for about 20 years and only once have I ever seen a team not score (short story but ask if you want to know who) in a 5 a side game.

I have no scales results either so if you lost over 1kg, sorry but you don’t get a highlighted name this week.

Sorry it’s short.

<3 best MvF keeper everrrrr! Lol

Lol. Who could argue?