Portsmouth Season 7 Week 6

It’s getting interesting!
First off, apologies for not posting much these last few weeks, and nothing for Week 5 as I have lost my notes from that night. If they turn up I’ll do something. But let’s get on with things eh?
On the pitch, Blacks were first up against Whites, this is 3rd v 2nd in the league table. First game of the season the White humiliated Blacks ending up with a 20 - 6 win after scales scored were added but the Blacks were determined to at least give them a game this time. And they did ending with a 9 - 2 win. Keeper Dan Brennan made some incredible saves but a whole team effort is what won them the game. Kudos to James Peasley in goal for Whites though, he stopped it from being a cricket score despite not being a goalkeeper! The Reds look to have gotten their act together and won by the same scoreline, 9 - 2. The Yellow team are in disarray at the moment with unhappy players, arguments about who plays where and general unhappiness. I’ve said many times, if they could get some harmony in the side they would be challenging at the top, they have the players to do it. So let’s see you all pull together Yellows and prove me right. Final game was top of the league Purples v bottom side Blues. The expected romp didn’t quite happen though. Blues have had a couple of new players recently, Neil Remnant and Brian Bannon, and these guys have made a huge difference to side. It was a very close game, an excellent game to watch with some superb goals from both sides (Curtis Vickers and Joe Brown both getting fantastic goals). The Blues kept scoring and the Purples kept equalising but at the end they just couldn’t quite find the goal to give a point, the 8 - 7 scoreline being Purples first league defeat on the pitch in two seasons.

The scales were interesting too with 6 people losing over 1kg to get a mention here. Regular loser is Blues player Neil Remnant with another huge loss, 4.7kg to be exact. This is after he put on when he was on holiday but even so, that is a magnificent achievement. Whites had a good night with Olly Saunders leading their charge after a 3.1kg loss. Curtis Vickers of Blues weighs in with a 2.3kg drop, another regular on the leaderboard is John Hookey of Whites who loses 1.7kg and he was closely followed by team mate Simon Grant with a 1.6kg loss. Last up is another regular, Will Perry of Yellows, who loses 1.3kg. That is some great work lads, keep it up. Again, we had a disappointing result from everyone else. Some of you lost weight but 17 out of 33 who weighed in actually put on.

So why is it so hard?

I see your books every week and if it is all filled in by a green pen, or pink, or in pencil, I would bet that you filled it in that day. Probably just before you came to weigh in. The idea of the tracker is so you can keep an eye on what you put in your mouth, if you fill it in on Monday afternoon I can guarantee that you have forgotten a lot of what you have had. It is so important that you keep it up to date and fill it in as you go or at least the end of that day. If you are putting on or not losing regularly then maybe Martin could have a look and make a few points to you about it’s contents. But you have to be honest so…

Secret Eating
Another one that we all do, again I would bet on it. Because no-one saw you eat it, it doesn’t count right? That Mars Bar for breakfast, no one knows you had it so why record it eh? A slice of pizza was left over so you chomped it down, but no one was around so it doesn’t get added to your tracker. A BLT, not the sandwich but all the Bites, Licks and Tastes. If you’re cooking dinner I can guarantee that you have had a little taste of it before you dish it up. You’ve licked the spoon after? All these things are adding calories and you may think that 10 here and 20 there are nothing to worry about but they do add up. So record everything you Bite, Lick or Taste and see how much you can actually cut out.

Hi me and a friend joined this week but we do not know when we are supposed to come along?

You should be contacted by the league manager, Martin. He will then assign you to a team and you come along then. I’ll chase him up for you now.