Portsmouth season 7 week 7

Three weeks to go and its still wide open. On the pitch it is a toss up between Purples and Blacks with Whites waiting in the wings for either team to slip up, Purples have the advantage with a huge goal difference but it’s points that count so that last game of the season will be interesting. On the combined table it is Purples out in front but Whites and Blacks are just two points behind, however both have to play Purples again so nothing is settled yet. But on the most important table of all, the WEIGHT LOSS LEAGUE, Whites have opened up a three point lead over Purples and Blacks. It appears to be all over…
Monday nights game were pretty good matches all round. Kicking off was Purples, who lost for the first time last week, against Reds. It was close for the first 10 minutes, all Purples games are until they get into their stride, then they usually manage to pull away from their opponents. Tonight was no exception with Luke Diaper and Leslie Buck doing most of the damage in an 11 - 4 win. Next up was Blues v Blacks. Blues, having won for the first time last week, were in buoyant mood and must have been confident of taking another win. Blacks were soundly thrashed by Purples a few weeks ago but have not looked back since. Some organisation and focus on positions as well as the return of top scorer Mac Doyle added to the addition of two new players has seen them transform into a more solid side. Last weeks emphatic win over Whites was underlined by an excellent win against Blues by a score of 10 - 4. with Mac Doyle and Jack Freeman getting most of their goals (if not all of them). Last up was Yellows v Whites. Due to work and family commitments, Yellows struggled for players this week and had to borrow two players, a scenario that rarely works out for any team. A close opening to the match was ended when Whites suddenly found their scoring boots and an all round performance by the whole team saw them to a, in the end comfortable, 10 - 2 win with Daniel Todd, Mike Holmes and Morgan Collis among their goalscorers. So the table didn’t change much with the top three all defeating the bottom three but with Purples facing both Whites and Blacks in the run up to the end of the season things may well change.

On the scales we had a much better week than of late. Top losers this week is a tie. Yellows goalkeeper Tom Campbell-Adams and Whites man Simon Grant lead off by both losing 2.2kg. They just pipped Blacks leading man Chris Haines who lost a wonderful 2.1kg. Mark Bannon of Blues continued his run of losses after losing 1.8kg and he was closely followed by another two Whites players, Olly Saunders and Mike Holmes who lost 1.6kg each. Blacks had a good week, Jack Freeman losing 1.5kg and Phil Knowler losing 1.3kg, the same amount as Will Perry (1.3kg) of Yellows. Reds player Nathan Brown lost 1.2kg as did Purples goalkeeper Dan Brown (1.2kg). With yet another Whites player, Daniel Todd, losing 1.1kg, you can see why Whites are leading the Scales table. Finally another Blacks player, Jordan Foster, weighs in 1kg lighter than he did last week. So a good week for Blacks and Whites who both had 4 players losing 1kg or more, who can do it next week?

The Top Scorers table is fun to look at. 4 players are over their 5% already, Simon Grant (5.74%), Neil Remnant (7.44%), Will Perry (8.24%) and John Hookey (6.55%) all look good with Will Perry in with an excellent chance of getting his 10% in his first season. Several players are bubbling just under their 5% at the moment, Carl Witts (4.14%), Olly Saunders (4.77%), Chris Haines (4.52%) with Sean Montague and Garry Banks in with an outside chance if they can focus for the next three weeks. Whatever happens, that is a fantastic effort from these men and will be a better performance than last season so keep it up lads, you can do it.

Nuffield Health - last week we were all given a free one week pass to Nuffield Health Club, it’s next to the Mountbatten Centre. How many of you have actually activated it? If you haven’t give it some thought. We all get into a routine with our fitness and eating, the same runs, the same foods, the same bike rides or exercise routines and our bodies get used to them so as time goes on they begin to have less and less effect. A change to your routine can sometimes be just the kick up the arse you need to push you into the next bracket of weight loss. So taking up this offer might be just the thing for you. As you probably know (because I tell you all!), I play football three times a week, tennis for an hour every Friday and I run 2 miles to (and 2 miles home) from work at least three times a week. I feel sometimes that I am stagnating in my efforts to lose weight so this week I’m hitting the gym instead of running, I am determined to get below 16 stone before my operation next Friday and with only 2lb to go I am very confident that by mixing up my training I will comfortably get there.