Portsmouth season 7 week 8

And it’s hotting up! I’m getting all excited about how things are going out there, three teams are working hard to win everything they can and the other three teams are doing their best to stop them. It’s making for some very good games of football, shame the scales aren’t quite as exciting.
Monday night, on the pitch, was a good night for those top three and even better for the Black team who went top of the football league for the first time this season after a not so convincing win against a Yellow side who had two new players. Everyones first week is always an eye opener but it doesn’t take long to learn to pace yourself and the brothers Andrew and Ashley look like they might make a difference once they get into it. Blacks raced into a 6 - 0 lead with Mac Doyle and Jack Freeman again scoring freely but they had no subs so as the game wore on they all wore out and allowed Yellows to get back into the game. Although the result was probably not in doubt at that point the final score of 12 - 6 shows just how Yellows came back into the game in the second half. Next up was the eagerly awaited game between, arguably, the two best sides at Portsmouth MvF, Whites v Purples. Purples were missing regular goalkeeper Dan Brown so it was left to Leslie Buck to go in between the posts. Whites took advantage and peppered the goal with shots from everywhere, Morgan Collis and James Peasley among the scorers with some fortunate goals but they could not pull far enough ahead to be comfortable and when Les came out of goal his tenacity almost got his side back into it but the Whites eventually came through 7 - 5. Last up was Reds v Blues. Reds were missing a player so borrowed Dan Brennan to go in goal meaning they started off 2 goals down. The Blues have been resurgent recently and finally won a hard fought match 7 - 4.

All this means that Blacks are a point clear at the top of the football league but with third placed Purples still to come that might change. Whites will fancy their chances if that match ends in a draw or Purples win and don’t forget, Purples beat the Blacks 9 -0 a few weeks ago!

On the Scales table it is Whites who are way out in front, Captain Morgan Collis has certainly got his side motivated as every week they have several players losing over a kilo each and this has helped them into a 3 point lead over Yellows. This one looks to be all over. But…

The Weight & Goals league, the important one, is still a three horse race. Whites, Purples and Blacks, in that order, are all on 12 points! Whites know that two wins over bottom three sides will see them grab those medals at the end of the season but they do have to play those Blues who are on a roll. Don’t discount the Purples though, at full strength they can score freely and if they win their last two games they might just pip them to the title on goal difference. But let’s not count Blacks out of this, if Whites do lose points and Blacks play to their full potential (despite losing Phil K for the rest of the season) they might sneak up on the blind side.

I said it was getting exciting.

On the scales it was another pretty poor week for big hitters. I’ve always stuck to only naming those who lose 1k or more, and that list is sometimes pretty short. This week we can name Reds man Sean Montague with a whopping 2.3kg off. Regular big loser, Blues Neil Remnant lost 1.6kg, Yellows top man, Will Perry lost another 1.3kg. I think Will has lost at least 1kg every week since he joined us! Whites have Rob Newman on 1.3kg off and finally we have Carl Witts of Blues who should be satisfied with a 1kg loss. So not a great week again, only 5 of us losing over a kilo.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Why are we here? To lose weight. And several of us are doing exactly that. Almost at his 10% is Yellow powerhouse Will Perry, he has lost 9.49% so far. Great going Will and we all hope you hit that high figure next week. Neil Remnant, despite a big put on after his recent holiday, has still lost 8.67% and is well on target to get his 10% certificate. Simon Grant of Whites has been here a couple of seasons but this time round he seems to have got it right, already on 6.03%. Others worth a mention already are Sean Montague, 5.77% - John Hookey, 5.48% - Carl Witts, 5.29% who have already won their certificates for this season. And closing in on their 5% are Olly Saunders 4.32% and Ben Saxton 4.04%.

With the season coming to a close in the next month or so there is still time to get yourself onto the leaderboards but only you can do it. There are no magic potions, no super diets or no wonder pills you can take. It is all about your diet, your exercise, your mindset. Ask yourself what is your motivation. Live longer? Play with the kids? Health reasons? Want to get back to playing 11 a side? Whatever it is, only YOU can do something about it. Man v Fat give you all the tools you need to help, the books, the football, the Website with all its information, help and tips. But in the end YOU have to want it.

Right, I’m off for a few weeks, hopefully only the one but my recovery will dicatate that. I’ll still get abuse off you all on Wassap and I know I’ll be dishing it out. Be good, take care, eat well, exercise more and lose weight.